42 – The Lake of Rage

If you went upwards from Marvin and Ron, you will find the house of the Fishing Guru. Head in and talk to him to find out the history of the Lake of Rage. Apparently the happening about here have bothered all the fish in the lake. It is also raining here, so Water type Pokemon will find their powers boosted. Also, Thunder will have perfect accuracy.

Leave the house and talk with the people nearby. The girl will comment on the appearance of the Red Gyrados. The old man will say that the Gyrados are angry and that is a bad sign. Wind your way a bit to the left to find another person. They will wonder if there is a connection between the lake's creation and  the mass outbreak of Gyrados now. Either way, there is one irate red Gyrados swimming around in the lake which needs attending to. Save your game before attempting to catch this Pokemon in case you want it but accidentally knock it out.

The Red Gyrados:
Lvl. 30 – Intimidate
Leer, Twister, Bite and Dragon Rage

Either way, if you caught it or it fainted, at the conclusion you will receive a Red Scale. When you get back to shore, you will see a person stand there wearing a black cape accompanied by a Dragonite. Take a moment to talk with this person. This is Lance, a fellow trainer. He had come over to investigate the claims of the Red Gyrados. It apparently had been forced to evolve, thus its temper. He will ask you to help him investigate things. If you agree he will point out to the strange broadcast coming from Mahogany Town and that strange souvenir shop. Walk or fly back to town, heal up your Pokemon and head for the Souvenir Shop.

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