14 – Route 32 to Union Cave

As you head to the right, there is a little path leading upwards. Take a moment to head up it to get a Ylw Apricorn, and the path does lead back to Violet City, in case you need a quick resupply or some healing from the Pokemon Center.

The Poke Mart has new supplies now:
Added to bottom Clerk: Super Potion, Awakening, Ice Heal, Escape Rope and Repel

All that aside, follow Route 32 downwards and you will encounter a man who will give you a Miracle Seed, a hold item that will increase the power of Grass Type moves. Keep moving southward. The path bends a little to the Southwest, but just keep following it, you will encounter a trainer, Youngster Albert. He opens up with a Rattata, lvl. 6. It will likely open with Quick Attack and keep at it for a while, otherwise, it will use Tackle and Tail Whip. After the Rattata, he will send out a Zubat, lvl. 8. It may open up with Confuse Ray, which can be very determental as it gives your Pokemon only a 50% chance to attack. After that, it may start using Leech Life, a Bug Type attack that will give the user back half the damage as health. It does not have much else to it. From Albert, head to the left to find an item ball sitting in the grass. It has a Repel inside it. Head down, and when you reach the path beloiw the grass, you can either head down to just press on or head to the right and talk to the girl, Picnicker Liz, to challenge her to a battle. While she is on the phone, she will accept the challenge. She opens up with a Nidoran (Female), lvl. 8. It knows Scratch, Tail Whip and Growl, but will not too difficult to take down. After the battle, she will want your phone number, to hear about all of your adventures. After that, head southwards. The path divides around here, one path head to the right and then down, the other just keeps on in the same direction.

If you head to the right and then down, you will be walking down a pier, with many people fishing off it. The first person on the left is Fisherman Henry, who opens with a Poliwag, lvl. 8. It has Water Sport, Bubble, and Hypnosis. Hypnosis is the only attack of concern for all, while Water Sport and Bubble have a varying impact. After that, he uses another Poliwag, lvl. 8, identical to the last one. After him, there is another Fisherman just below Henry, this is Fisherman Justin, who opens with a Magikarp, lvl. 5. It can only Splash, which does nothing. After that, he will use Magikarp lvl. 15, 5 and 5. The lvl. 15 Magikarp has Tackle and Splash, so it can actually attack, but it will not do much damage and it still uses Splash a lot.. After that Trainer, head southwards again and you will meet another trainer, Fisherman Ralph, who has a Goldeen, lvl. 10. It has Water Sport, Supersonic, Tail Whip and Peck. So Pokemon weak to Flying and Water attacks need to watch out for this Pokemon. Afterwards, he will offer you his phone number. Just keep going south and you will get off the pier.

If you head south, down the same path, you will find a trainer on the right hand side of the path, Camper Roland, who has a Nidoran (Male), lvl. 9. It knows the move Peck, so be aware for those with Pokemon weak to Flying moves. It largely will just attack with that. You will also see an item ball to the right in the grass. It has a Great Ball inside it. After that, head over to the left hand side and head down to find another item ball that has TM 09, Bullet Seed, inside. Head up a little and then south, down the stairs.

The two paths rejoin at this point. There is a trainer waiting just beyond the grass down the stairs, this is Youngster Gordon. He has a Wooper, lvl. 10. It will use Water Gun, Mud Shot and Tail Whip. It will play somewhat aggressive with Water Gun, but nothing too bad. After that, keep doing downwards, then follow the path. You will encounter a man who offers you a tasty Slowpoke Tail, which is more than you could afford, ever. You are also next to a Pokemon Center, so take a moment, if needed to heal up your team. Talk to the Fisherman who is on the left side of the Center to get the Old Rod. This is a useful Key Item you can use to catch Pokemon by fishing. The Fisherman also explains how to use the Fishing Rods, that one must be next to the water to use the Rod. After that, watch for an Exclamation Point to appear to reel in the Pokemon by hitting “A” repeatedly.. After trhat, talk to the man in the bottom left corner of the Pokemon Center, agree when he asks if you have been collecting Apricorns. He will give you 2 Lure Balls and explains that Lure Balls are made from Apricorns and that you can have some made by talking with Kurt in Azalea Town. After that, head out of the Pokemon Center and go down the path. You will encounter a trainer on the right hand side of the path. This is Bird Keeper Peter. He opens with a Pidgey, lvl. 6. It has Sand Attack, and Tackle. After the Pidgey, he will send out a Spearow, lvl. 8 or,Pidgey lvl. 6. The Spearow has Peck, Growl, Leer. It will work to lower your Attack with Growl, then attack with Peck. After Peter, you will see a cave Entrance, this is Union Cave and it will lead you to the next part of the Route. Take a moment though to head just a little farther down and you will see a partially hidden breakable rock and item ball in the bottom right. The item ball has a Shell Bell inside. The Shell Bell is an interesting hold item, as it will restore some HP each turn the Pokemon attacks. After that, head a bit to the left, up, and head into Union Cave.