32 – Olivine Lighthouse

When you enter inside, you can talk with the people in the lobby to learn a little about the Lighthouse itself. It was built as a tribute to the Pokemon who would light up the sea. The other person tells you that reaching the top of the Lighthouse is tricky as there are a good number of trainers practicing here. The elevator near the stairs seems like an option, but it will not open its doors at the top floor, so you need to scale your way up, through all the trainers there. Since one generally wants to level up their Pokemon to get ready for the next Gym Challenge, this cannot be too bad a thing. So head up the stairs in the top left to get to Floor 1

Floor 1:
Head down from the stairs to encounter your first trainer. This is Gentleman Alfred. He only has a Noctowl lvl. 22. It will likely attack with Peck or Uproar. If the Noctowl gets low on health, Alfred will use a Full Restore, healing all damage and status conditions. He also offers you his number after you beat him so you can challenge him again at some point.

Follow the blue bricks, looping around to the right to reach your next challenge, Sailor Huey. He starts with Poliwag lvl. 18. After that, he will send out a Poliwhirl lvl. 22. This Poliwhirl will try to use Hypnosis on your Pokemon to get it to fall asleep. After that, it will likely attack with Water Gun, Double slap or use Rain Dance to boost the power of its water attacks. When you beat him, he will offer you his number so he can battle you again at some point.

Head up and go up the ladder.

Floor 2 (A)
Just take a step to the left to be challenged by the next trainer, Bird Keeper Theo. He will lead with a Pidgey lvl. 17. It will likely lead with Quick Attack then Gust. After that, Theo may send out a Pidgey at lvl. 15, 19, 15 or 15. The ones at lvl. 15 will likely just attack with Gust, maybe throw in a Quick Attack or two. The lvl. 19 Pidgey will likely use Whirlwind, which causes your Pokemon to be switched to another randomly. It will then attack with Quick Attack or Gust. After the battle just head up the ladder left of you.

Floor 3
Just to your right is another trainer, Gentleman Preston. He will lead with a Growlithe lvl. 18. Expect it to mostly attack with Ember or an odd Roar in it to cause a switch. After that, he will send out another Growlithe, this one also lvl. 18, so much the same.

Head down and to the left to encounter your next challenger, Lass Connie, who will send out a lvl. 21 Marill. It will likely start by attacking with Rollout. After that, it will likely use Tail Whip or keep attacking with Rollout.

Keep going to the left to reach an item ball holding TM 87, Swagger. Head back to the right, not too far down from Preston, you will see a door, the big tell is the beam of light coming from the right side while.

Floor 3 (outside)
Take a moment to run all the way to the left, you will find an item ball sitting there that has a Rare Candy inside. Head back to the right and go through the doorway in front of you.

Floor 2 (B)
You can see the next trainer near a map and an item ball that has an Ether inside. The trainer is Sailor Kent, who will lead with Krabby lvl. 18. it will mostly attack with Vice Grip or Bubblebeam. It may also bolster its Defense with Harden or lower yours with Leer. After that he will send in another Krabby lvl. 20 this time. This one has Vice Grip and Mud Shot for attacks, but the same buff.

After Kent, head to the left and up to meet the next trainer, Bird Keeper Denis. He will lead with a Spearow lvl. 18. Be on guard for Aerial Ace, a perfect accuracy attack it has. It also will likely use Fury Attack or Pursuit. After that, he will send in either Fearow lvl. 20 or Spearow lvl. 18
The Fearow will likely lead with Aerial Ace. Aside from that, it will likely use Leer or Fury Attack. The other Spearow is much the same as the last one.

After you clear this trainer, just hop up the next few ladders.

Floor 4
Head down from the ladder to reach your next challenger This is Sailor Terrell, who leads with a Poliwhirl lvl. 20. It will likely start with Rain Dance to boost the power of its Water attacks then come at you with either Double Slap or Water Gun.

Loop around the wall to the right, you can either immediately go up the ladder or try the trainer just above it and the item ball as well, which has a Super Repel in it. The trainer is Sailor Roberto, who will lead with a Machop lvl. 18. The Machop will likely start with Leer, lowering your Defense, then attack with Karate Chop. After that he will send in either Machop lvl. 18 or Poliwhirl lvl. 18.
This Machop behaves much the same as the last one, just cutting straight to using Karate Chop. The Poliwhirl will likely lead with Hypnosis, putting your Pokemon to sleep then use Rain Dance and follow it with Water Gun.

Floor 5
Here you finally find Jasmine and the Ampharos, Amphy. She is tending to the Pokemon, so she cannot leave its side to head for Cianwood to get the medicine it needs to get better. She will ask you to go get the medicine Amphy needs for Cianwood, opening the door around Amphy, letting you use the elevator to get down. Take a moment to grab the item ball on the right hand side of this floor which has a Super Potion inside. Time to start making for Cianwood then. Take the elevator down and head out of the Lighthouse.

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