55 – New Bark Town and Kimono Girls secret revealed!

Having made it back to New Bark, head into Professor Elm's Lab. Lyra/Ethan will greet you and and tell you the Professor is waiting for you and walk you to him. Elm will give you a Master Ball, the ultimate Poke Ball. It will capture any Pokemon without fail, just remember you only get one! They will also tell you that the Kimono Girls are looking for you and you can find them in the Ecruteak Dance Theater. Take a moment to swing by the Dance Theatre, as it is just behind the Pokemon Center. When you try to go in, your Rival will appear, talking about how he lost to the Kimono Girls. Patch up your Pokemon, in case, and head on in. Time to face them down and find out what they want.

You will walk up to the lead Kimono Girl, Zuki. She will tell you that they are the ones who gave the Mystery Egg to Mr. Pokemon that eventually made its way into your possession. After that, she will challenge you to a battle. She sends out an Umbreon lvl. 38. It will likely start with Confuse Ray. It also knows Dark Pulse, which it will likely favor, Shadow Ball and Last Resort. After that Naoko will challenge you with her Espeon at lvl. 38. It knows Psychic, which it will generally favor, Swift, Last Resort and Psych Up. Next up is Miki who uses a Flareon lvl. 38. This Pokemon knows Fire Blast, which it will initially favor, Quick Attack, Last Resort and Will-O-Wisp. Sayo is the next Kimono Girl to challenge you with her Jolteon. It knows Thunder Wave, expect it to try to keep your Pokemon paraylzed, Double Team, which it will use to maximize its evasion, Thunderbolt and Last Resort. Last is Kuni who sends in Vaporeon lvl. 38. It knows Surf, which it will use a lot, Aurora Beam, Quick Attack and Last Resort. After you beat them, Zuki will give you the Clear Bell. A little girl will run into Dance Theater and tell everyone that a big shadow of a Pokemon just flew over either the Bell Tower or the Whirl Islands depending on your version of Pokemon. Take a moment and visit the Pokemon Center before you make for either location.

The Bell Tower:
Head to the Barrier Station in the northern part of Ecruteak. Pass on through, flashing Gym Badges as appropriate to gain deeper access. Once you enter the Tower, only if you have the Rainbow Wing can you go up the first ladder in the upper left corner.

From there, head to the bottom center and go up the next ladder.

You will see a number of ramps around you now. Running over these ramps is one way, so be sure about where you are going first. On that note, head across the first ramp on the left. This leads to an item ball with a Full Heal inside it. Now run over the ramp just above the one you just crossed and keeping in that direction, over a second ramp. Head up and to the left, over the next two sets of ramps. Again, head up to the next set of ramps going to the right and follow those to the center island. You will want to be one space down from the top of it to jump across to the second part. Hope all the way to the other side of the room then go up the ladder.

Here things get a little more complex to grab all the item balls and make one's way upwards. To get the first item ball, hop over the directly below the ladder you just came up, then hop on to the left, down, left, then down until you reach the platform with the item ball. It contains an Ultra Ball. Hop the ramp going right, then down, following the ramp's path. This leads to an island with a ladder going up and an item ball containing a PP Up. From there, head to the left across the ramps and keep in that direction it will lead to another island. You will find an item ball, which has an Escape Rope inside it, and a ladder you should not use, as it just leads to a dead end area on the next floor. Head up and hop over the pair of ramps going to the right. Next, hop the ramps above you leading to the left, then take the ladder leading up.

Hop the ramps going to the right along the top of the room. Keep going to the far edge of the room then down, hopping the next ramp in the same direction. Hop across the two ramps going left and head down to grab the next item ball which has a Rare Candy inside it. Head over to the ramps going right from there and take that path over to the ladder going down. Back on F4, just retrace the directions from the PP Up item ball. Once you are back on F5, hop over the first to ramps to the right, then take the first ramp leading down. Take one ramp to the left, then immediately take the ramp going downwards. Head downwards on two more ramps and the path splits into two side. You want to go down the right hand side to reach the ladder leading up to the next floor.

Head straight up to find an item ball with a Max Potion inside. Head to the right, across the bridge, then upwards. Cross the second bridge to find the next item ball which has a Full Heal inside it. From there, hop down the pair of ramps heading downwards and climb the ladder to reach the next floor.

F7 and the Teleporter Sequence (with all items)
Now, some teleporters are added into the mix. For now, ignore them and head up then right, past a teleporter and hop the ramps to the other side of the room. You will find an item ball with a Max Revive inside it. Head back to the left hand side of the room using the ramps along the top of the room. Now, walk onto the nearby teleporter. From there, go to the other teleporter on the other side of the island you appeared on. Next, head down and take the second row of ramps going left over two, taking the first ramp going down, then go left and step onto the nearby teleporter. Loop around the pillar and grab the item ball, which contains a Max Elixir. Head back to the teleporter and go to the right. Now, head to the top set of ramps going to the left. Hop over three ramps to the left, down one, then left three more. Take this teleporter. Do the little ramp circuit to grab the item ball with a Nugget inside and return to the teleporter. That gets you all the items you can with this teleporter. Head all the way to the right, then take the teleporters you initially came through. You should be back in the room with the large ramps. Head to the left using the nearby ramps, then go downwards using the next set of ramps. Make your way to the left and down to reach the next teleporter. Just walk straight down and onto the next teleporter. From there, go a little to the left, grabbing the item ball containing an HP Up, then step on the teleporter to the left of it. Now go up then left, passing the next teleporter by, so you can grab the last item ball here(it has a Full Restore inside). After that, head back to the right taking the teleporter.

Final Floors
After you take the last teleporter, just climb the nearby ladders and they will take you to the roof of the Bell Tower. After going up the second ladder, save. Once on top, you will see the Kimono Girls gathered. They will perform a dance then the Clear Bell and the Rainbow Wing will summon Ho-oh to you.

Ho-oh lvl. 45 – Pressure
Extrasensory, Sacred Fire, Sunny Day, Fire Blast

Catching Ho-oh will prove a bit challenging. It will resist quite a bit even against Ultra Balls. The idea here is to inflict a lot of damage quickly, getting its HP low with Water, Rock or Electric attacks. Then using less effective attacks to bring its HP as low as possible without fainting it. From there, start using Ultra Balls, or whatever situational Poke Balls you have that are at an advantage over Ho-oh.

Do note that if you did not save, you will be able to have a rematch with Ho-oh AFTER you get into the Hall of Fame.

After whatever happens, feel free to just use the Escape Rope to quickly exit from here and head back to New Bark Town or use a Pokemon with Fly to do the same thing. Talking with Professor Elm in his Lab in New Bark will have him recommend you heading for Indigo Plateau.

The Whirl Islands

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