54 – Route 45 and Route 46 to New Bark Town

After you depart from the Dragon's Den, Prof. Elm will call you and ask you to come by his lab. He apparently has found something very interesting. There are still two routes let to explore on the way there, so let us depart for New Bark Town. Going down the route, just stay on the same side as you begin on. If you take the first bridge, you will find yourself in front of another entrance to the Dark Cave, which will be covered later. Please note to fight all the trainers and collect all the item balls one will need to loop over Route 45 around two to three times.

If you hop down the ledges on the right side, you will encounter Ace Trainer Ryan. He will challenge you starting with a Pidgeot lvl. 25. Unfortunately, after everything you have faced down, this is a fairly easy fight. After that, he will send in Electabuzz lvl. 27, same situation as with the Pidgeot.

If you head down the ledges on the left side before crossing the bridge, you will encounter Hiker Erik. He will lead with a Machop lvl. 24. After that, he will send in either Graveller lvl. 27 or Machop lvl. 27.

If you cross the bridge to the left and head down, you will find an item ball with an Elixir inside it. Do not hop down that ledge unless you want to simply move forward.

After any of those, you can either hop down off the ledge on the right side and collect the item ball containing a Max Potion or keep on the left hand side and take on Hiker Parry. After you beat Parry he will offer you his number.

Either way, you will encounter Ace Trainer Kelly in the grass near the bridge. She will start with Marill lvl. 27. After that she will send in either of a pair of Wartortle lvl. 24

From Kelly, you can either:
Head to the left and hop down the ledge just beyond the bridge. There is an item ball on the right hand side of this part of the route. It contains a Full Heal. After you collect that, head downwards to collect two more item balls on that side of the route. The first has a Nugget inside and the second has a Revive. If you keep following this part of the Route to Route 46, you will find a person who will tell you a little about the Battle Frontier, mostly hinting after the Elite Four you should head there as it is west of Olivine.

On the right side of the Route 45 you will encounter Black Belt Kenji. He will challenge you with a Machoke lvl. 28, little stronger than the other things you have been facing, but still not much after the Gym Leader. After you beat him, he will offer his number so he might challenge you again in the future. From there, you can hop down the ledge then either go down either the left or right hand stairs. If you go down the right side, you can swing a little to the left and you will be able to challenge both trainers in this part. Going down the right side stairs leads to Hiker Michael. He will challenge you with Geodude lvl. 25, Graveller lvl. 25 and Golem lvl. 25. From there, head just a little to the left and you will see Hiker Timothy. He will challenge you with Diglett lvl. 27 and Dugtrio lvl. 27. After these trainers, just head down to the path, taking a moment to circle around the pond to get to the Grn Apricorn Tree.

Either way, head to the west and you will find yourself on Route 46. This is a fairly short Route with three trainers on it as well as another entrance in the Dark Cave. Take a moment to go through the trees near this cave entrance and you will find two more Apricorn trees, one Grn and one Ylw. There is also an area where a Pokemon with Rock Climb could scale, if you had the badge and HM, that will have to wait though. From the trees, head down just a little to find the intersection here, down leads to Hiker Bailey and left leads to Camper Ted, Picnicker Erin and an item ball with X-Speed inside. Camper Ted and Picnicker Erin will challenge you to a double battle using Mankey and Ponyta lvl. 17, then Erin will send an Oddish lvl. 14. Erin will offer her number after the battle to challenge you again later. Hiker Bailey will challenge you with 5 Geodudes at lvl. 13 which are very easy to beat. If you want, after you hop down the nearby ledges onto the last parts of Route 46 before you reach Route 29, talk to the person in the grass who will suggest to investigate different routes as you do not know what you will find on them. From here, just head south onto route 29, then east to reach New Bark Town.

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