50 - The Ice Path

With all the trainers beaten on Route 44, if you need to, take a moment to hit the Pokemon Center in Mahagony Town if your Pokemon are feeling the battling. Make sure you havea Pokemon that know Strength (and optionally Rock Smash for a little shortcut) with you before you had into the Ice Path.

Follow the path from the entrance upwards. Much like the Mahogany Gym, you will see fields of ice that you will need to slide over. The first one is the easiest, as you just need to step forward onto the ice, then right, and up and right again. From there, up up the stairs and follow the path, heading down the next set of stairs. Now, head to the left.

You find another ice field that you need to navigate. You want to get to the path just above where you are, so step upwards onto the ice. From there, follow this sequence: left, up, left, down, left, up and right. This gets you to the area above where you started. Going to the right shows another ice field where, on the far side you find an item ball with HM 07, Water Fall! To get there, step onto the ice. From there, go down, right, up, left, down, left, up, and right to reach the item ball. To get back, just go left, down, left.

After that little (but very important) detour, go up the stairs near the ice field. As you head to the right, a man will stop you and ask if the item you got was an HM (assuming you grabbed the item ball from the ice field nearby). He will tell you hew dropped it, but he wants you to keep it. That is nice of him, so head down the next set of stairs. You can see an item ball you cannot get right now and a ladder leading down. Head over to the ladder and head on down.

Ice Path BF1
From the ladder, head upwards then to the right. You will see a number of holes and boulders that you can push using Strength. Be mindful of the holes as you can fall down them to the next floor. It is hioghly recommended if you have the auto-run enabled to turn it off for this bit. Head down just a little from this first hole and walk up to the boulder just below it. Walk over to it and hit “A” to be prompted to use Strength. Push the boulder upwards into the ice chunk. You will need to loop around to finish pushing this boulder into the hole next to you. Weave downwards and to the right to reach the far wall. Keep going to the right until you find a break in the ice chunks letting you head up and to the left. Be mindful of the hole that is along this path, for now, ignore this boulder. Head up then to the left, you will see the boulder you were pushing. Give it one push to the right then one down to get it into the nearby hole.

(If you fall down the hole near you, you will find yourself on the floor below. You will be perfectly lined up to grab an item ball to your left. This item ball contains a Max Potion. Head to the right from there to reach the ladder leading up. You will see that it is a big ice field below with a ladder leading farther down and an item ball near it. However, you cannot reach this ladder immediately, you need to drop boulders down into this room, from BF1, so you can reach it. Head to the right and back to that first hole. Any boulders you have pushed into around, but not down a hole will be reset to their original position so be careful!)

From there, head down just a little then to the right to reach the next boulder. For this second boulder,  Push it one space to the right, then step up and to the right to push it downwards three spaces. Loop around the boulder so you can push it to the left. Push it to the left five spaces, then loop around the nearby hole and get above the boulder. Push it down one square then one more to the right to get it to fall down that hole. Head to the right.

Two boulders remain now to have everything ready on the floor below. Go for the boulder that is above you to the right. Be sure to come up on the boulder from the right so you can push it to the left. Give it a nudge one space to the left. Loop around it and push it downwards five spaces. Loop around the ice chunks near it so you can push it one square to the left. Now push it down three squares so you can get by, then push it back up one space followed by pushing it to the left and down the hole.

Head up from that hole to reach the last boulder in this room. Push it upwards as far as you can. Now, move back in line with it so you can push the boulder to the right as far as you can. Next, push it up three spaces then push it into the hole on its left. That finishes up this part. Head to the right and go down the ladder you see there.

Ice Path BF2
Time to collect an item ball (if you have not grabbed the max potion down here already).
For the Max Potion: head for the upper left part of the landing near the ladder, just one step below the top of it, step off to the left to slide across the ice. From there, step upwards, then left, down then left again to get the item ball with the Max Potion in it. Step upwards then, from two spaces below the top of the room, step off to the right to get back to where you started.
Getting to Ice Path BF3: Head for the upper left part of the landing near the ladder, just one step below the top of it, step off to the left to slide across the ice. From there, follow this sequence; down, left, up and right. This will get you to the landing with an item ball, containing a Full Heal, and the ladder down to the next floor

Ice Path BF3
You will immediately see a rock you can break with Rock Smash. If you have a Pokemon that has Rock Smash, go ahead and break it with Rock Smash to get to the item ball. If you do not, simply loop around the bit of raised floor, going up the right side stairs and coming down on the ones on the left. The item ball contains a NeverMeltIce, a hold item that boost teh power of ice attacks. From there, head to the right and go up the ladder.

Ice Path BF2 – B
Head to the left and down. There is an item ball in this room, but it takes a moment to get to. There is a thin strip of ground along the right edge of the raised area. Follow this down and to the right, going up the stairs, following the path to the right and down the next set of stairs. Position your character so you are one space right of the left edge of the raised area you just came across. Just slide down onto the ice then to the right to get TM 72, Avalanche. From there, just slide to the left then up to the reach the ladder leading up to the next part of BF1.

Ice Path BF1 – B
Again, you will find another ice field blocking the wasy to an item ball. This one takes on a little set up though. Just above the field to the left you will see a boulder you can push around with Strength. Push it down one space so you will be able to get the item. Head back to the right so you can get on the ice. Loop around to te bottom and get up against the ice chunks along the bottom edge of the ice field. Step up onto the ice field, then left and finally down to reach the item ball. It contains an Iron. To get back on track to get out of here, step up followed by right then just head to the ladder on your left.

Ice Path F1 – B
Back where we started now, just on the other side of that raised platform with the item ball. Take a moment to head up and collect it as it contains a Protein. One more ice patch to cross and finally you will make it into Blackthrone City. On this ice patch though, there are two things you can to reach. One is a Kimono Girl and the other is an item ball. To get to them in that order, step up to the ice patch, be sure to be on the right hand side of the opening to it. From there, step down onto the ice then go: left, down, and right. Talk with the Kimono Girl and she will ask if you would give her a push. Agree to and she will be very grateful. Back your way back to where you started by sliding to the left, down, right, up, left and up. To get the item ball, from the same starting point as to reach the Kimono Girl, head down then, left, down, left, up, right, down, right and down. The item ball contains a valuble PP Up. From there, go up, right, up, left, down, right and down to reach the exit to Blackthorn City.

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