45 – Team Rocket Returns! Destination: Goldenrod

If this is badge was your seventh, Prof. Elm will give you a call. He will tell you that something strange is happening to the radio broadcasts. Take a moment to switch your Pokegear over to the radio and listen in. All the radio stations will be broadcasting the same thing, the resurgence of Team Rocket! If you call Prof. Elm back he will ask if something odd is happening in Goldenrod. Time to fly there and check things out … after you heal your Pokemon!

Arriving in Goldenrod not too much seems different, but Team Rocket Grunts can be found walking around in the streets. Some will be muttering about taking over the Radio Tower. To check up on this head up and to the left, at the monorail station, and the Radio Tower is just beyond it. Going inside, if you talk with the receptionist or the Team Rocket Grunt blocking the way up the stairs, both hint that you need a Team Rocket Uniform to get any further inside. With the next objective clear, it is simply a matter of where you can get one.

There was a photo place that was offering a shot as a member of Team Rocket down in the Goldenrod Tunnels, so it is time to find that place again and get that outfit!.Head back to the right, then turn upwards, passing under the monorail track. Take a left at the Name Rater's tent and head into the building next door, leading you into the Goldenrod Tunnels. Head down the stairs.

Just head to the right, you will see a Grunt standing not too far from a camera. Walk toward the camera and he will approach you. The Grunt seems to be recruiting, quite fortunate indeed. He will have you change into a Team Rocket Uniform. Now that you are appropriately dressed, it is time to retrace your steps, back to the Radio Tower and head in.

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