When you leave town, Elm comes after you, saying he forgot to give you something, his phone number. He tells you call him if anything comes up. This lead to Route 29. Head through the grass to the left. There is a boy past the initial grass fields who tells you that you should try to avoid the grassy areas when your Pokemon are weak and not ready for battle. Head up and a bit to the right. Then head up between the trees. If you head to the right and up and right, you will find an item ball with a Potion inside. After that, head back to the left. Just keep going that way.

Just past the trees, you can see a building and a person in front of it. The person tells you they were taking a break, saving their game. Inside the building, the guard tells you you cannot jump up ledges, but you can jump down them. The other person inside tells you that you can find more Pokemon through the door beyond him, saying that if you want to catch them all, you will need to go this way. This leads to Route 46, save this area for later.

If you keep going to the left you will see a ledge, which has a break along its length on the left. Straight up from the opening is an Apricorn Tree. It has nothing on it for now. You may need to come back later to check it out. The person on this ledge mentions they are waiting for a Pokemon that will only appear in the morning. If you keep going to the left, you will arrive at Cherrygrove City.

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