26 – Ecruteak City

For once there is more than just one reason to go and visit the Pokemon Center and it happens to be just to the right of the City's entrance. When you head in you encounter Bill, the creator of the PC-based Pokemon storage system. He tells you about how all his friends have been working at improving the system and making it better for everyone to use to trade and share their Pokemon. After that though, he tells you that he must return to Goldenrod City to see his family. Everyone else in the Center just tells you Morty, the Gym Leader, about the Kimono Girls, or the Lake of Rage's Red Gyrados. With that done hop one building to the left of the Pokemon Center. The man in here will ask you if an adventure is an adventure without some treasure hunting. By agreeing with him, you now get the Dowsing MCHN. This handy device lets you track and find hidden objects on the ground.

If you keep going to the left, you will find the Gym. For now though the Gym Leader is out in the Burned Tower. Time to explore the town a bit more and try to find this tower.

Just above the Gym, there is someone who will mention the Lighthouse in Olivine, that the Pokemon who serves as the beacon has fallen ill. This could be something to do in the future. In the house above this person, you can talk to the people inside. They will tell you above a Pokemon that can block out the sun, something like a Bird and a Dragon and how it must be very powerful.

If you go to the right, just above the Pokemon Center, you will find the Ecruteak Dance Theater. If you go inside, you will see a minion of Team Rocket hassling one of the dancers. He will then begin to dance himself, just spinning around. No one else is willing so the someone to stand up to this Grunt is you. He will lead with with a Koffing lvl. 12. It will likely start with Smoke-Screen, to lower your chances of hitting it, then it will attack with Tackle. Compared to many things, this Koffing is a little weak, especially after the last Gym. When you beat him, he will comment that goofing off like this could get him demoted to the lowest rank of Rocket Grunt. After that, he leaves, running off to do whatever he was supposed to be doing. The Kimono Girl will thank you and compliment you on your skill raising Pokemon. As you leave the stage, a man will walk up to you and give you HM 03, Surf! However, to use this move outside of battle, you need another badge. For now though, exit this building and continue exploring the area.

Head to the right to the find the Poke Mart. The customers inside will either tell you about Revive or how they got an Espeon while their friend got an Umbreon, even though they raised their Pokemon the same way. Inside you can buy:
Bottom Clerk:
Poke Ball, Great Ball, Potion, Super Potion, Revive, Antidote, Parylz Heal, Awakening, Burn Heal, Ice Heal, Repel, Escape Rope

Top Clerk:
Air Mail, Heal Ball, Net Ball

From there, you can sweep upwards and start talking with people around town. You can learn to the west is Olivine Town, that you cannot access the Bell Tower just yet as the Gym Badge seems to be a requirement, and next to the Bell Tower is the Burned Tower. It apparently stood much taller before something set it on fire. If you read the sign, it says that it is unsafe to enter. Maybe there is something worth looking into inside so it is in you go.

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