34 – Route 41 to Cianwood City

Some of Route 41 is cut off for now, as you need a Pokemon that knows the Hidden Move Whirlpool and the badge that will let you use it out of battle. For now, there are three parts of Route 41 to explore: the Top, Middle and Bottom, as divided by the islands on Route 41

The Top:
From Paula, go over to the left side of Route 40 and head down, once on Route 41 you can make a left. This will lead to Swimmer George who will challenge you as he swims back and forth. He leads with a Tentacool lvl. 16. It likely leads with Constrict, and keeps with it a moment before it starts using Acid on you or potentially using Toxic Spikes.  After that Tentacool George can send in Remoraid lvl. 19,  2 Tentacool at lvl. 17, one more at lvl.16, or Staryu lvl. 19. The Remoraid lvl. 19 can use Lock-on, a move that ensures that the next attack will hit. It will likely follow it with Bubblebeam, Aurora Beam or Psybeam. The Tentacool at lvl. 17 gained no new moves, so they will act much like the first Tentacool you battled. The second one at lvl. 16 is identical, so nothing new. The Staryu has Water Gun and Rapid Spin for attacks, so nothing new from Route 40. It will also try to use Camouflage, which will not work as it is Water Type to begin with.

From George, head left to encounter the next trainer in this section, Swimmer Susie. She leads with a Psyduck lvl. 20. It will likely lead with Disable, so hopefully your previous move was not your Pokemon's only attack. It may follow this up with Scratch or Confusion. She will follow it with a Goldeen lvl. 22. This Pokemon will likely start with Water Pulse, which has a chance to confuse your Pokemon. It may follow this with Supersonic or Flail.

From Susie, head to the left, then down to Reach Cianwood.

The Middle:
As you head down, you will encounter Swimmer Charlie. He sits just past the first set of rocks. While not the most challenging opponent, it is important to take care of things quickly. He has a Shellder lvl. 21, Tentacool lvl. 19 and a Tentacruel lvl. 19. The Tentacruel is the most durable of all his Pokemon.

After Charlie, you can start heading to the left, down the middle path itself. Near the start you will encounter another Swimmer, Kaylee. She will open with a Goldeen lvl. 18, which will play somewhat aggressive. Her two other Pokemon, a Goldeen lvl. 20 and a Seaking lvl. 20 will both play fairly aggressively. Keep on guard if your Pokemon are weaker to water type attacks.

Keep heading to the left you will encounter Swimmer Matthew. he opens up with a Krabby lvl. 23. These things are a little tough in the physical regard, but their Special Defense is lacking. It can go down fairly fast against Grass or Electric type attacks.

Continue to the left, weaving through the rocks and you will see Swimmer Berke. His one Pokemon is a Qwilfish lvl. 23.  Given trhe chance it will likely open with Toxic Spikes (try to avoid switching if this happens). It may follow this with Rollout, which will persist for a few turns. Be wary as this attack's damage climbs as it lands hits.

From Berke, take a moment and head downwards, you will see another Swimmer, Kara, who has two Pokemon. She will open with a Staryu lvl. 20. While it is fast, it is not the most durable Pokemon. Like many other Staryu, it may attempt to use Camoflage, which will fail. After the Staryu, she will send out a Starmie. Starmie is more durable than Staryu. It will likely open with Rapid Spin, which will not do much damage as it is meant to clear entry hazard, or Water Gun. Be aware that the Starmie has Recover, so once it gets below half health it is likely to start using it.

Afetr you beat  Kara, head up, back to the center path. As you press left, you will need to weaving through a few more rocks. After that, you will arrive in Cianwood.

The Bottom:
The farthest down will take you through a few of the encounters above, unless you make specific efforts to avoid them. Overall though, it is not recommended to do so. When you reach the corner for it, follow the path to the left. The first trainer you while encounter on this path is a moving one, this is Ronald. He has two Pokemon and will open with a Gyarados lvl. 20. This is considered to be a brutal Pokemon, when properly trained, but it has a horrible weakness to Electrical attacks. It is also moderately durable so expect it to last a few hits. it will likely open with Thrash and let the attack run its course, where it will be confused at the end of it due to fatigue. After that Gyarados, Ronald will send in a second one, also at lvl. 20. It too will likely open with Thrash.

Head to the left and will encounter another swimmer, Denise. She will send out her only Pokemon, a Seel lvl. 22. It will not last too long.

After that, head to the left to reach Cianwood.

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