36 - Cianwood City Gym

Immediately, you will notice that your usual guide is not here. As mentioned earlier, he is actually inside the Pokemon Center. Still, this Gym is filled with Fighting Type Pokemon. This means that Normal Type Pokemon will be destroyed. Ghost Type Pokemon, by and large, are immune to Fighting type moves, but a few Pokemon can bypass that. The best types would be Flying and Psychic Pokemon. Others will do fine as long as they are tough, physically, or attack using Special Type attacks.

Getting started though, head to the left and up the stairs. Your first challenger awaits. This is Black Belt Yoshi. He opens with a Hitmonlee lvl. 27. it will likely open with Meditate and use it a few times, which will boost its Attack, or Focus Energy to boost its chance of critical hit. After that it will likely attack with Jump Kick or Double Kick.  If it is fully boosted, these  attacks can be devastating.

Keep going up the stairs and you will reach your next challenger, Black Belt Nob. He will open with a Machop lvl. 25. It will likely open with Vital throw. it also knows Seismic Toss, so be sure to watch your Pokemon's HP in relation to the Machop's level. Its final moves is Karate Chop. After the Machop, Nob will likely send in Machoke lvl. 25. it will likely open with Leer. After that, it may use Rock Slide or Karate Chop. Unfortunately, Nob will come far enough forward that youy path to the top is cut off. Either you can head out of the Gym and come back in or just switch to the other side and ascend that as well. Remember Amphy is counting on you. If you do head out, this would be the earliest point from this side you could engage the Gym leader

Going up the right hand side you will encounter Black Belt Lao. No matter if you head up the left or right side stairs, you will need to loop around him after you beat him. When you engage him he sends out his only Pokemon, a Hitmonchan lvl. 27. It will likely open with Mach Punch, a priority Fighting Type attack. After that it will use its other attacks; Fire Punch, Ice Punch or Thunder Punch. This gives it a great amount of Type coverage, so be wary when it is attacking you. Aside from that, it is only alright in terms of defense, so attacking will show some serious results.
After you  beat Lao, if you have remained in the Gym, you can head to the left, go up the stairs near Nob and reach a large red switch. This Wench will raise the pipe that is creating the waterfall around our dear Gym Leader. Still, take a moment and head to the top part of the right hand side to challenge the last trainer in the Gym, Black Belt Lung. He will open up with a Mankey lvl. 23. It will likely start with Screech, which it will use repeatedly to debuff your Pokemon's defense. After that it will likely attack with Fury Swipes, . After that, Lung will send out a Primeape lvl. 25 or a Mankey lvl. 23. The Primeape will not all that differently from the Mankey. It does have Seismic Toss, so watch your Pokemon's HP carefully. It also has Assurance, an attack that will be strong if certain conditions are met. The other Mankey is no different from the others, so handle it as such.

With all the trainers out of the way, it is time to take on Gym Leader Chuck. After he explains a little about his training methods, he challenges you to battle.
Hyper Potions: Two
Primeape lvl. 29
Double Team, Focus Punch, Rock Slide

Poliwrath lvl. 31
Hypnosis, Focus Punch, Surf, Body Slam

He opens sending out Primeape. It will likely start with Double Team, boosting its evasion. it is important to take it down before it manages to get more than a few Double Teams as it becomes very hard to hit without perfect accuracy moves. Another thing of note is the fact this Primeape has Vital Spirit, so it cannot be put to sleep. It will follow this with a Focus Punch, a powerful attack that requires a moment of focus before it can be unleashed. If the user is hit while preparing the attack, it will lose the attack.
The Poliwrath will likely open with Hypnosis, trying to put yiour Pokemon to sleep. It will follow it with Focus Punch. The Poliwrath will persist, using Focus Punch almost exclusively, aside from the occasional Surf or Body Slam. It is also moderately durable, so expect it to take a few hits to go down.

When you beat him, Chuck will explain how Fly works. It allows to travel to any City or Town that you have been to before. he will also give you TM 01, Focus Punch. As noted in the battle before, this is a powerful attack, but the user cannot be hit or it will lose the attack.

When you emerge from the Gym, the woman near it will approach you. She will see you have the Gym Badge and give you HM 02, Fly. Talking to her afterward reveals she is Chuck's wife. Just a fun little fact. Okay, time to help Amphy get back into gear. Teach Fly to a Pokemon and then use the move to get back to Olivine City in no time at all.

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