28 – Ecruteak City Gym

This is a creepy gym to be walking into with the dim lighting and path you cannot immediately see. As it is one focused on Ghost Type Pokemon, it does make sense though. Normal Type attack moves are largely going to be useless against anything here with the Ghost Typing. As the path is invisible, there will be points I am counting out the paces your character will want to take. If you have your character set to run, take a moment and switch back to walking. If you fall, you must re-navigate the entire path from the beginning. Each of the trainers ahead is resting in the circle of light. When you beat a trainer the light around them will go out. If this really gets in the way, simply step out of the Gym and head back in.

The first trainer is easy to reach, you want to just walk straight forward. This is Medium Georgeina. She will lead with Gastly lvl. 16. It will likely start with Curse, sacrificing its health to set a curse to do damage to your Pokemon every turn. After that, she will follow with Gastly, one of a total of four additional ones at  lvl. 16. Some of the others will try to use Mean Look, Nightshade or Confuse Ray on your Pokemon, so keep a good eye on your Pokemon's status. If something gets confused or cursed and it is an important Pokemon, you may want to switch it out.

From ere you will want to go no more than a pace above the Medium you just beat. 3 steps right, then walk straight up to the next trainer. This is Medium Grace. She will lead with a Haunter lvl. 20. It will have the same tactics likely as the Gastlys, as it has the same move pool. These will favor using Nightshade over Curse unless they encounter something higher level than them. Remember, Nightshade's damage is set by the Pokemon's level, so watch your HP if it low. After you beat this Medium, she will tell you that the path is right in front of their eyes.

Walk around this Medium and head to the right  to encounter the next Medium. This is Medium Edith who will send in her Haunter lvl. 22. This has exchanged a move for Sucker Punch. Sucker Punch is an interesting Priority Attack Move as the defending Pokemon must be using an attack move or Sucker Punch will fail This Haunter also likes to use Sucker Punch. It does not have much much PP, so in about 5 turns it will start using something else. If Sucker Punch does not do too much, it will either use Nightshade or Confuse Ray.

To get around this trainer, take a step down, a step to the left and a step up. Go one step farther to the left then head up toward another Medium. This is Medium Martha, who will lead with a Gastly lvl. 18. Be on guard for Curse and Confuse Ray. Its only attack is Nightshade, so again watch your Pokemon's HP. After that, she will send in either Haunter lvl 20 or Gastly lvl.20. All her Pokemon have the same moves and the same things to be cautious about.

After you beat her, take a step down, 2 right, 3 up, 3 left and then straight up. It is time to face Morty at last.

Gastly lvl. 21 – Lick, Mean Look, Spite
Haunter lvl. 21 – Curse, Hypnosis, Dream Eater
Haunter lvl. 23 – Curse, Sucker Punch, Mean Look
Gengar lvl. 25 – Shadow Ball, Sucker Punch, . Hold Item: Sitrus Berry

Hyper Potions: 1

The lead Gastly favors Lick of all its attacks. It will also frequently use Spite. Spite will cause your Pokemon to lose PP from the last attack it used so hopefully they have plenty to spare or you have an Ether (or Leppa Berry) on hand in case.

The Haunter at level 21 is more a support Pokemon with Curse to inflict damage every turn and Hypnosis to put your Pokemon to sleep. It will follow up that by using Dream Eater, so if your Pokemon is Asleep, either wake it up immediately or switch it out. It will persist on the Hypnosis – Dream Eater combo as long as it can.

The Haunter at level 23 is more aggressive. It will start and favor Sucker Punch initially, but it will also use Curse at a moment's notice, so keep wary for that attack.

The Gengar is one fast, if not very tough customer. It will mostly use the move Shadow Ball which has a chance of lowering your Pokemon's Special Defense in addition to being a decent attack. Aside from that, it will likely try to predict an attack from you and use Sucker Punch.

And with that, you will have beaten Morty. He will give you the Fog Badge, which will have Pokemon up to lvl. 50 obey you (this is mostly for those traded though) and it will allow you to use Surf outside of battle. He will also give you TM 30, Shadow Ball, the dreaded attack from the Gengar. If you talk to him again, he will give you directions toward Olivine City. This can only mean that is the way to go.

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