41 – Route 43 to the Lake of Rage

If you talk to the guard as you pass through toward Route 43, he will tell you that someone out there, is looking for a Red Scale. Who this person is and where one can get a Red Scale are both mysteries for now, but both cannot be too far. Head on through to reach Route 43.

Cruise upwards to encounter Camper Spencer. He will lead with a Sandshrew lvl. 18. It will mostly attack with Sand-Attack and Swift. After that, Spencer will either send in Sandslash lvl. 18 or Zubat lvl. 20. The Sandslash will likely lead with Poison Sting and persist with it for a bit, trying to poison  your Pokemon. Take it out before it gets that chance. The Zubat will likely lead with Supersonic, trying to confuse your Pokemon. After that, it will likely switch to Bite and just keep using that.

After Spencer, you will notice the path forks. One way takes you through another Guard House while the other takes you through some grass. If you even enter the Guard House, two members of Team Rocket are inside and will take 1,000 Poke from you. If you have money to burn, you can cut through here, otherwise just cruise up the grass to continue along 43.

If you go through the grass (which is slightly more recommended to avoid the toll mentioned) you will encounter Picnicker Tiffany. She has a Clefairy lvl. 21. It may start with Encore, so it is suggested to lead with an attack move. Aside from that, it will use Double-Slap, given the chance. After the battle, Tiffany will offer you her phone number to talk about Clefairy.

Take a moment here to hop onto a surfing Pokemon, if you have one, to head to the left. Just beyond a tree that can be cut down, you will find a Blk apricorn. After that, return to where Tiffany is to continue along Route 43 (and potentially take on all the trainers).

Head upwards a little and to the right. You will see another trainer. This is Poke Maniac Brent. He will lead with a Nidorino lvl. 20. It will likely start with Double kick. Aside from that, it will use Tail Whip  and Fury Swipes. After that, he will send out another Nidorino, this one lvl. 24. It will likely lead with Fury Attack. It will also use Double Kick a lot or Horn Attack. After you beat him, Brent will also offer you his number so he can tell you about Bill.

From there, head downwards a moment to find the other side of the Guard House and to the left of that, an item ball with a Max Ether inside. Reverse course and head upwards. You will see another trainer, Poke Maniac Beckett. He will lead with a Slowbro lvl. 20. It will likely start with Growl. It also knows Disable, so it can stop your Pokemon from using a move for a few turns, Water Gun, and Confusion.

You can head to the left. The first trainer after Beckett is Poke Maniac Ron. He will complain about some red-haired kid making fun of his Pokemon. He will send out his Nidoking lvl. 20. It will likely lead with Peck and follow it with Poison Sting or Double Kick. If you head up from Ron you will reach the Lake of Rage, but there remains a bit more of Route 43 to explore.

From Ron, head down slightly then to the left. You will see another trainer, Fisherman Marvin. He will lead with a Magikarp lvl. 10. It does not know anything aside from Splash, so it poses no threat. After that, he will send out a Gyrados lvl. 20 or Magikarp lvl. 15. The Gyrados will likely lead with Surf and then move onto Thrash. The second Magikarp will have Tackle at its disposal but it is still a very weak Pokemon.

Keep follow the path to the left and up to reach another part of the Lake of Rage. I would suggest back tracking a moment and heading straight up from Marvin to reach the Lake of Rage.

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