18 – The Slowpoke Well

Head to the right, back to the Slowpoke Well. When you get there, the man who was blocking the weay is now gone. You can get down into the Well now, follow the winding path down to the entrance of Well and go down the ladder into the Well.

When you get the bottom, you will see Kurt standing them. When you talk to him you will find out the guard above took off when Kurt shouted at them, but when he was headed into the well he fell. His back is hurt, so he cannot move, thus he will entrust his mission to you. Head over to the left and into the opening.

Head up the stairs and keeping going straight. You will encounter a Team Rocket Grunt. He will challenge you with two Rattata at lvl. 9. The Rattata will be his opening Pokemon and it knows Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Tackle and Focus Energy. It will open with Tail Whip, then likely use Focus Energy or attack with either Quick Attack or Tackle. After that, he will send in the other Rattata, which will act much the same.

After this battle, just keep heading upwards then to the left and down, you will encounter another Team Rocket Grunt who will challenge you as well as find an item ball with a Super Potion inside. The Team Rocket Grunt has a Zubat lvl. 9 and Ekans lvl. 11. The Zubat knows Leech Life, Astonish and Supersonic. Just watch out for Supersonic, as it can confuse your Pokemon, and Astonish, as it can make your Pokemon flinch which will cost you a turn. After that, she will send out her Ekans which knows Bite, Poison Sting, Leer and Wrap. The Ekans will likely attack with Poison Sting, likely inflicting Poison on your Pokemon. After that, it may Leer or attack with Wrap. Take it out before it can do too much to your Pokemon.

Go down the stairs and head to left. One last Grunt remains in your way before you take on their Executive. This last Grunt has a Rattata, lvl. 7, two Zubat lvl. 9. The opening Rattata has Tail Whip and Tackle so it will alternate between the two attacks. After that they will either change to Zubat or . The Zubats have Leech Life, Astonish and Supersonic, so once again, keep watch for Supersonic and Astonish.

Now, head up and talk with the Executive to attempt to drive them out of the Well. Executive Photon is surprised by your demand for them to leave the well. He is known for his cruelity apparently. He opens up with a Zubat, lvl. 8. This Zubat knows Leech Life and Supersonic. It is nothing too serious after much of what you have been facing. After that, he will send in a Koffing, lvl. 12. It knows Poison Gas, Tackle, Smog and Smokescreen.  It will attack with Smog, aiming to poison your Pokemon then use Smokescreen to make it very hard for you to land any hits. The Koffing is fairly durable, so expect it to take a few hits before going down.

When it does, you will have defeated Executive Photon and cleared Team Rocket out of the Well. Photon will tell you that they did, in fact, break up three years ago, but they continued their work underground. He hints that you should avoid Team Rocket in the future. After this, the group will leave and Kurt will come up to you, feeling better, and lead you out.

Kurt will congratulate you on your conduct. He will tell you that Team Rocket was disbanded by a boy named Red three years ago. He has a bad feeling about what is to come in the future though. He offers to make you Poke Balls now from the Apricorns you have been finding. In thanks, he will give you one Fast Ball. In the future, he will take any number of one color of Apricorn each day and have all of them changed into Poke Balls the next day. The little girl will give you Kurt's number, making it easier for you to learn about Apricorns and to see if you have any being worked on.

Apricorn to Poke Ball
Wht - -> Fast Ball
Blu - -> Lure Ball
Blk - -> Heavy Ball
Red - -> Level Ball
Pnk - -> Love Ball
Grn - -> Friend Ball
Ylw - -> Moon Ball

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