9 – Violet City

As you cross through the building into Violet City, Ethan/Lyra will catch up to you. They are surprised that you managed to sneak by them and give you the Vs. Recorder. Head to right to get into the City. Violet City is fairly traditional in style, according to many of the residents. Head for the Pokemon Center if your team needs any healing. Ifd youtalk with the person just outside the Pokemon Center, he will offer to trade any shards you have for 3 berries.
The exchanges are:
Blue Shard – Chesto, Oran, Wiki
Green Shard – Rawst, Lum, Aguav
Red Shard – Cheri, Pacha, Leppa
Yellow – Aspear, Sitrus, Iapapa

Talking with the people near the Counter inside the Pokemon Center, you learn that a person named Bill designed the Pokemon PC Storage System. The person next to the counter on the right side is from the TV show, “The Show Me Show”, he is Primo, the big brother. He then asks you to tell him what you think of him, if you would like. Then about how he is fun and exciting. It really does not matter what you tell him for either, it just inspires him to try harder. If you talk to the person just up the stairs on the left hand side of the Center, he will offer to present you a particular way to other trainers. If you change your mind, all you need to do is talk with him again. The other people in the Center talk about a Trainer taking down Team Rocket not too long ago and another talks about how Pokemon are intelligent and traded Pokemon may not listen to you if you do not have enough Gym Badges.

When you are done in the Pokemon Center, talking with the girl to the left of the Pokemon Center gives hints about Sprout Tower, as it apparently has Ghost Type Pokemon. If you head up from the Pokemon Center toward the rest of town, you will see the Pokemon School to the right of the Town Sign. Take a moment and head to the left. Between the Gym and the Poke Mart, you will see a man, go and talk to him. He will ask you if you have beaten the Gym Leader, if you answer “No” he will drag you to the Trainer School and reveal he is a teacher there.

Inside the Pokemon School you will learn about various aspects of the game. The man, if you talk to him, will reveal his is Earl. He will offer to teach you what you need to know to be a winner. Saying yes will have him explain how the order of your Pokemon List sets who enters battle first. After that, if you want to keep listening, he will offer to explain how to raise Pokemon well. He tells you about how if a Pokemon comes out in battle, even briefly, it will get some experience points. He suggest, for weaker Pokemon, to only have them in battle briefly. Using this method is a good way to level up some weaker Pokemon. After that, he offers to explain a bit about battling. He tells you how Pokemon are helped and hurt by their typing, even if they are higher level. It is important to keep a Pokemon's typing in mind, as this plays a large part in many of the coming battles in the game. The pair nearest the door are talking about trading Pokemon, just mentioning that one gave his best Pokemon to the person next to him. The girl in the same row tells you “it seems that each kind of Pokemon has distinct abilities.” and remarks on how these abilities can be useful in battle. The person in the row in front of her is reading from a book on berries, that some can restore the health of the Pokemon holding it and that there are many items that can be held by Pokemon. The person in the row in front of the pair trading is taking notes on the teacher's lecture and mentions that they should write down what is on the blackboard as well. The blackboard explains about status changes in battle. This is helpful to read over if you are new to the series, otherwise, it is just telling you the specifics about Poisoning, Paralysis, Sleep, Burn and Freeze. If you talk with the person on the right hand side of the room, they ask if you want to join a group. This actually gives you the option to create the group yourself. Doing so lets you compete or cooperate with fellow members. When you form a group or join a new group, you will want to visit a Union Room and mix your records with a member of the group to become integrated. Doing so will keep various in-game events synchronized between the various group members. That is everything inside the school, so head back out into Violet City.

To the left you will see a person above the Pokemon school the Pokemon Gym, an old lady, the Poke Mart, a man between the Gym and the Poke Mart, a boy and a house. The man above the Pokemon school has nothing important to say. The old lady will tell you that Falkner inherited the Gym from his father and has kept it going. The boy near the end of the road tells you that there are some places that you cannot have your Pokemon out walking with you, like in buildings, caves or large crowds. Inside the house on the far left you learn an example source of where to get some Pokemon nicknames from, one's favorite foods!
Inside the Poke Mart you can buy:
Bottom Clerk: Pokeballs, Antidotes, Potions and Parylz Heals
Top Clerk: Tunnel Mail, Heal Balls and Net Balls.

When you head into the Gym you just find a person wearing glasses standing near the entrance. When you talk to him he tells you that you need to toughen up a bit and complete the training everyone in town does, by completing Sprout Tower. It seems time to check out Sprout Tower. Take a moment and head into the Poke Mart to grab any supplies that you need. From there, head back to near the Pokemon School and then head upwards, over the bridge.

The kid on the first landing tells about a feature of the Pokegear; that you can put marks and make memos on its map. After the second bridge you are right in front of Sprout Tower. Time to head on in.

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