53 – The Dragon's Den

Located across the lake from the Blackthorn Gym, you will need Pokemon with Surf and Whirlpool to successfully navigate this area as well an empty spot in your party to receive a reward for answers the Master's Questions. Surf across the lake and head on into the Dragon's Den. Go down the ladder in front of you.

When you get down from the ladder, you will see Ace Trainer Kobe. Walk across his line of sight to challenge him. He comes at you with his Dragonaire lvl. 37. It will likely open with Surf. It also knows  Iron Tail, Thunder and  Dragon Rage.

Go down the set of stairs just below him then break to the right for a minute as you will find a item ball that way. The item ball contains a Calcium. Head back to the left and go down the last set of stairs. Reach the water and start surfing to the left and you will see a set of stairs not too far from there that lead you up to a trainer. This is Ace Trainer Piper who will challenge you, leading with a Horsea lvl. 33. that will likely start with Smoke Screen. It also knows Brine, Twister, Agility and Bubblebeam. After that one, Piper will send in either another Horsea lvl. 33 or Seadra lvl. 35. This one seems to mostly Leer and Twister. The Seadra knows Waterfall, Twister, Agility and Leer. It will mostly use Waterfall, only occasionally using anything else. After you beat Piper, head down and resume surfing in that direction.

To your left you will see a pair of trainers and an item ball. The trainers are the Twins Clea and Gil. Surf over to them to take part in a Double-Pokemon battle. They are both using Dratinis that are lvl. 35.  They know Headbutt, which they will use the most, and Twister occasionally. After the last Gym battle, most of these trainers will be very easy. Head down a little to grab the item ball which has a max Elixir.

Hop back onto your surfing Pokemon and ride up to the Whirlpool. Surf up to the Whirlpool and hit “A” to use Whirlpool and cross it. Head down and to the right and you will see the Dragon Master's Shine. Before you head up the Shrine, take a moment to keep going to the right to get the last item ball found on the far right hand side of the Dragon's Den. It contains a Dragon Fang, which will boost the power of Dragon Type attacks. Head back to the Shrine and head on in. you will automatically walk up to the Dragon-Master. He will ask you a series of five questions.; You should answer them as a Pokemon would.

The Questions and answers are:
What are Pokemon to you: Ally
What helps win battles: Strategy
What kind of Trainer do you wish to battle: Anyone
What is most important in raising Pokemon: Love
Strong Pokemon. Weak Pokemon. Which is more important: Both

After you answer the questions Clair will enter, asking if you failed the test. Likely you will have passed and she will finally hand over the Rising Badge and then run off. Head out of the Shrine and make for the Entrance. You will see Clair on your way out. She will then hand over TM 59, Dragon Pulse, as well directions to the Pokemon League. You will want to head backl to New Bark Town then Surf over Route 27 to reach it. Head on back to the master in the Shrine (trust me). Now that you have the TM, the Master will give you a Dratini. If you answered the questions using the answers above, he will reward you with a Dratini that knows Extreme Speed. Head on out of the Dragon's Den.

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