17 – Azalea Town

As you walk into town, you will see some people talking. You will learn that Team Rocket is in fact still active and still up to no good. The member of Team Rocket admits that they broke up for a while, but then came back together to follow Giovanni's ambition. He then punches the man and watches as he runs away. Things are afoot as usual for you, if you talk to the man you just saw talking, he tells you that he is being a good Samaritan by making sure people can head down into the unsafe area behind him. If you check the sign by him, you learn that the hole is the Slowpoke Well, also known as the  Rainmaker Well. It tells you a bit about the history of this place and reason for some of the local beliefs. Head to the left to reach the rest of the town.

The first man you will meet is just below the Poke Mart. He will tell you that the Slowpokes have disappeared from their town and that their tails are being sold elsewhere. Inside the Poke Mart, you learn a man, Kurt, can make a Poke ball that is better than the Great Ball, in some cases. The other patron will mention that the more badges you have, the better items you can buy from the Marts. The stock is the same as the last one for the closer clerk, the farther one offers Bloom Mail, Heal Balls and Net Balls.

Hop one building to the left to visit the Pokemon Center to patch up your team, then it is time to start exploring the Town. The people inside the Center will tell you each of the boxes in the PC can store 30 Pokemon, that there was a special machine that could make Poke Balls from Apricorns and that if a Pokemon knows a Hidden Move (like Rock Smash), it can use the move even when it is fainted.

Once you heal up your team, head out of the Pokemon Center, talking wit the people nearby tells you that people regularly come to town to get Kurt to make them Poke Balls. You also learn Kurt is tough man who will take on challenges, like the Team Rocket problem. Another person tells you that you can reach Ilex Forest through Azalea, but there are now trees blocking the way through. The Charcoal Man inside Ilex Forest can cut them down though, this is something to look into in the future.

If you head to the entrance of the bottom right building, the Gym, noted by its Green banner over the door, there is a member of Team Rocket blocking the entrance. He is promoting Slowpoke Tail and will not move. From there, follow the path to the left and upwards to reach Kurt's House.

Inside, you will see a little girl and an old man. The little girl just wonders if the bad men took the Slowpokes away. The man is Kurt, who will tell you about the problem with Team Rocket, who use Pokemon to do their dirty work. He will tell you that they were supposed to have disbanded three years ago, but does not tell you why. After that, he declares he is off to the well to save the Slowpokes and dashes off. Time to follow him and make sure he does not get hurt too bad in the process.

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