19 – Azalea City Gym Challenge

Now with Team Rocket cleared out of town and the well, it is time to take a shot at the Gym.  There are now a good number of Slowpokes just around the Town. Head to the left, then down at the Pokemon Center., the Gym Building is just below it.

Your Gym Coach recommend Fire and Flying Type attacks, things are have an advantage over Bug Type Pokemon. Head through the entryway to reach the Gym itself. You find yourself looking at over numerous spider-platforms. Each of them will lead to different trainers. For the first set of Spider-platforms

Set 1:
Left Platform
Leads you to the middle section of the center section. There is a trainer there, Bug Catcher Benny
Weedle lvl. 7 – String Shot, Poison Sting
Kakuna lvl. 9 – Harden
Beedrill lvl. 12 – Fury Attack, Focus Energy

The Weedle will just change between String Shot and Poison Sting. The Kakuna will only Harden, as it only knows that move. The Beedrill will alternate between its two options, mostly using Fury Attack, which can hit 2 – 5 times. After you beat Benny, if you talk to him, he will tell you that you ned to change the web ahead to reach the Gym Leader. Jump down to Set 2 to see the solution.

Center Platform
Lead you to the right side section of the center section. The trainer there is Bug Catcher Al, who has:
Caterpie lvl. 12 – Tackle, String Shot
Weedle lvl. 12 – Poison Sting, String Shot

The Caterpie will likely Tackle or repeatedly String Shot, lowering the Speed of your Pokemon.
The Weedle will come at you with Poison Sting, which can Poison your Pokemon, so keep an eye out for that status. Aside from that, it will String Shout like the Caterpie.

This unfortunately is a dead end, so you need to return to the first section.

Right Platform
This leads simply to a dead end.

Set 2:
There is a switch on the right side of this area that will change some of the track ahead that the Spider-Platform will move along. You can see some Blue Rope going from the middle rope to the right rope.

If you do not throw the switch and step onto the Spider-Platform, it will take you to a pair of Trainers who will challenge you to a Dual Pokemon Battle on the left side of the Final Section. These Trainers are Twins Amy and Mimi. They will send out a Spinarak lvl. 10 and Ledyba lvl.10. Ledyba has Comet Punch, Supersonic. The Spinarak has Poison Sting,
The Ledyba will largely attack with Comet Punch, which is a multi-hit attack. The Spinarak seems to just attack with Poison Sting.

If you throw the Switch, it will lead you to a different trainer, Bug Catcher Josh, who has a Paras lvl. 13. The Paras has PoisonPowder, Stun Spore, Scratch, Leech Life and the ability Effect Spore. What Effect Spore does is either Poison, Paraylze or Sleep your Pokemon when it hits the Paras. It will mostly attack with Poison Powder or Scratch though, changing to Scratch if it manages to poison your Pokemon. It will rarely use Stun Spore, but it does have it.

Once you beat Twins Amy and Mimi, you can throw the switch by them, which will lead you to the section opposite them. If you throw the switch here, it will lead you the Gym Leader
The Gym Leader of Azalea: Bugsy

Scyther lvl. 17 – Quick Attack, Leer, U-Turn, Focus Energy. Hold: Sirtus Berry
Metapod lvl. 15 – Harden, Tackle
Kakuna lvl. 15 – Poison Sting, Harden

Super Potions: 1

Taking on Bugsy can be a little more difficult than the previous Gym Leader. Take a moment and make sure that you have about 3 Pokemon around level 15 to make this Gym Challenge a bit easier. The Scyther is his main offensive Pokemon. It is decently durable so it is expected to survive a few hits. A good thing to do is have a Pokemon that can boost itself, using moves like Defense Curl, lead, and keep

The Scyther will likely use Leer a few times then use the move U-Turn, which is a Bug Type move so Chikorita and other Grass or Psychic Pokemon need to watch out for it, where it will do a quick strike then head back into its ball, sending out either Metapod or Kakuna. If it does not, it will likely attack with Quick Attack, after it uses Focus Energy to increase its chances of a critical hit, which will let it strike first. It will help to beat this Pokemon if you inflict it with a status, Like Paralyze or Poison. Burn would be devastating, as Bug Type Pokemon are weak to Fire Type attacks.

The Metapod is fairly simple. Turn one it is in, it will likely use Harden to bolster its Defense, then attack with Tackle repeatedly. Bugsy seems to use this Pokemon to weaken your team.

The Kakuna is also simple. It mostly will attack with Poison Sting. It has the option of using Harden it will rarely use it.

Congratulations, you have just cleared your second Gym! Bugsy will give you the Hive Badge. This allows Pokemon up to lvl. 30 to listen to you. It  also allows you to use the move Cut outside of battle. He also gives you TM 89, U-Turn.

To get out of the Gym quickly, throw the switch near Bugsy. This will let the Spider-Platform cross the Blue Rope and lead you right back to the middle part of the second section. Just hop on the Spider-Platform waiting for you there and you are back at the entrance.

Time to head for Ilex Forest and get Cut!

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