16 – Route 33 to Azalea Town

The moment you step out onto the Route, it is raining. If you head downwards, you will find two Apricorn trees, Pnk and Blk, and a person who is worn out from exploring Union Cave. It is important to note that all battles here will have Rain in them. Rain does a few things to battle, first is it increases the power of Water Type attacks, second is it decreases the power of  Fire Type attacks, Thunder, a powerful Electrical attack has perfect accuracy in the Rain and Pokemon with the ability Swift Swimmer receive a speed boost. One last thing of note, recovery moves like Synthesis and Moonlight will only restore a quarter of the usual amount of health.

After that, head to the left to make toward Azalea Town. You will likely encounter Hiker Anthony, who will start the battle with Geodude lvl. 11. The Geodude knows Rock Throw, Rock Polish, Mud Sport and Defense Curl. The Geodude has Rock Throw to back up a portion of its power, but it is still very simple to take down. After that, Anthony will send out a Machop lvl. 11, which knows Karate Chop, Focus Energy, Leer and Low Kick. It will start off defensive, using Leer and Focus Energy, then change to aggressive, coming at you with Karate Chop and Low Kick. After you beat him, he will offer to give you his phone number so you two can exchange information.

After Anthony, the way to Azalea Town is finally clear, just head on in to the left.

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