48 – Goldenrod Radio Tower – Finishing up

Take a moment and hit up the Pokemon Center if your Pokemon need some healing. Head up to the Radio Tower and head up to the third floor. Walk into the bottom left and walk up to the card reader and run the card through. Head on through and then take on the Grunt. The Grunt will open up with a Raticate lvl. 24. He will follow it with a Koffing lvl. 26, which remains with the same move set. Head on up the nearby stairs. You will encounter Proton and see an item ball not too far from him. The item ball has a Ultra Ball.

He only has a pair of Pokemon with him, a Golbat lvl. 28 and a Weezing lvl.33. The Golbat knows Wing Attack, Air Cutter, Confuse Ray and Bite. The Weezing knows Double Hit, Haze, Sludge and Self Destruct.

After that, head on up the stairs to the next floor. You will see another Executive just waiting, covering the elevator you need to head up and clear out the Radio Tower. This one is Ariana from not that long ago. She starts with an Arbok lvl. 32. It knows Crunch, Glare, though it will favor Crunch. Next she sends out a Vileplume lvl. 32 or Murkrow lvl. 32. The Vileplume knows Sweet Scent, Sleep Powder, Mega Drain. It will use Sweet Scent, then it will use Sleep Powder. It will likely keep using Sweet Scent, wit the rare Mega Drain. The Murkrow knows Pursuit, Night Shade, Wing Attack. It will favor whatever attack actual does the most damage. With that, head on into the elevator and upwards to the Observation Deck. Time to finish up Team Rocket. Patch up what you can and get ready for one more fight.

Head around to the other side and meet Executive Archer.

He opens with Houndour lvl. 35. After that, he can send in either Houndoom lvl. 38 or Koffing lvl. 35. The Houndour knows Fire Fang, and will use Fire Fang, mostly, as appropriate. The Houndour is fairly frail, so a solid physical attacker can take it down. The Houndoom knows Bite, Faint Attack, Fire Fang. This one will change between thoughs three attack moves regularly. The Koffing knows Tackle, Smokescreen, Sludge. It will mostly Tackle though, using Sludge more when it is appropriate and effective.

At the conclusion of the battle, Archer will depart, disbanding Team Rocket. The director will come up, congratulate you and give you either the Silver Wing (SoulSilver) or the Rainbow Wing (HeartGold). He will tell you that you should head for Bell Tower with the Rainbow Wing in Ecruteak City, but also hint that something else is needed.

Head down to the third floor and talk to the girl who is by the door. She will give you TM 11, Sunny Day. Take another moment and go up a floor and talk with Mary to receive BrightPowder. This handy hold item lowers the accuracy of your opponent's Pokemon.

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