59 – Indigo Plateau and the Elite Four

Inside you will find a Pokemon Center to the right, a Poke Mart to the left. There is just one clerk who sells:
Ultra Balls, Max Repels, Hyper Potions, Max Potions, Full Restores, Revives and Full Heals.

Stock up on whatever you need. The first time through the Elite Four is always the hardest and they are fairly tough opponents on top of that. Head on up the stairs and you will see the door to begin the challenge, with an Usher telling you how the challenge will work, head on through.

A user of Psychic type Pokemon. Taking a good look at his line up shows a Pokemon with Rock type moves will have a serious advantage. Some Grass, Electric or Ice type moves will help a lot here too.
 The first Xatu will likely U-Turn if it is at a clear disadvantage. After that, it will likely on be in play for a minute to use Confuse Ray, possibly Psychic, before using U-Turn again. While it has it, it will rarely use Me First, which lets it use whatever attack you are using just a bit stronger.
The second Xatu is holding a Sitrus Berry, giving it some innate health restore. It will also try to confuse your Pokemon, then use Ominous Wind to bolster its stats. Give it a reason and it will use Aerial Ace or Psychic.
The Slowbro will likely start using Curse as it comes in, making it very strong physically. After that, it will start to attack. It can also boost its Sp. Defense using Amnesia. It will likely, if facing a Pokemon strong against it, use Psychic.
The Exeggutor will likely open with Reflect, boosting the team's Defense temporarily, possibly using Hypnosis. After that, it shifts more into attack mode, using Egg Bomb or Psychic as the situation demands.
The Jynx will likely start with Lovely Kiss and persist until it gets your Pokemon asleep, if it can   Then it will likely start attacking with Psychic, or Ice Punch.

He will concede defeat after and tell you to press on, to face the true ferocity of the Elite Four.

Full Restore: 2
Xatu lvl. 40 – U-Turn, Confuse Ray, Psychic and Me First
Jynx lvl. 41 – Lovely Kiss, Psychic, Ice Punch and Double Slap
Xatu lvl. 42 – Confuse Ray, Ominous Wind, Aerial Ace and Psychic: Sitrus Berry
Slowbro lvl. 41 – Curse, Water Pulse, Psychic, Amnesia
Exeggutor lvl. 41 – Reflect, Egg Bomb, Hypnosis and Psychic


As a master of Poison Pokemon, one must be on guard against status effects. Here, Psychic, Flying or Fire type moves will work wonders. Again, the first and last Pokemon to land in Red HP will likely be healed by Full Restores

The Ariados will likely start using Poison Jab, trying to poison or take out your opening Pokemon. It has a chance of using Spider Web, which traps your Pokemon in the battle.
Forretress is one tough cookie. It has very respectable defenses, but a very big flaw in them too, x4 weakness to fire! Still, it has Protect, so it will try to defend against a pending fatal attack if it predicts you right. Keep on guard, as it will lay the Toxic Spikes or even Explode.
The Muk will likely start to Minimize, boosting its evasion. Against something it cannot effect with poison, it will also use Screech to make its target easier to take down. It also has Black Sludge, which would poison another Pokemon, but will heal the Muk over time. It has decent defenses, so expect it to take a few hits if they are not Super Effective.
The Crobat may come out swinging with Wing Attack.  After a minute it could potentially use Double Team, especially if it gets lower on health.
The Venomoth will likely start with Psychic or another of its attacks.

Full Restore: 2
Ariados lvl. 40 – Poison Jab, Spider Web, Baton Pass and Giga Drain
Forretress lvl. 43 – Protect, Swift, Explosion and Toxic Spikes
Venomoth lvl. 41 – Supersonic, Gust, Psychic and Toxic
Muk lvl. 42 – Minimize, Screech, Gunk Shot and Toxic: Black Sludge
Crobat lvl. 44 – Double Team, Wing Attack, Quick Attack and Poison Fang: Sirtus Berry

Bruno's Pokemon have a big weakness, Psychic-type attacks. The Onix has no resistance to it, so those moves will work equally well on it. Flying moves also work, but they will be much less effective against the Onix.
The Hitmontop will take advantage of its move set well. Still, it may use Counter after it was hit with a Special based attack. It will favor Dig in most situations its other attacks will not do much.
The Hitmonchan has three typed punches, giving it great coverage over a wide variety of Pokemon.  It will also occasionally use Bullet Punch when it has a clear advantage.
The Hitmonlee has a chancy move called Swagger. If it goes as expected, it will boost the Attack of your Pokemon then have it hit itself while it is confused. It may favor the move Blaze Kick which has a high critical hit chance and a 10% chance to burn your Pokemon.
The Onix will likely open with Earthquake. Then likely use whichever of its attacks is most appropriate.
The Machamp seems to love to sue Revenge. It also seems to have the ability No Guard. This odd ability makes it so virtually every attack will always hit. However, it also increases the power of Machamp. The best idea is to strike this one hard before its fearsome power tears your team asunder.

Full Restore: 2
Hitmontop lvl. 42 – Counter, Quick Attack, Dig and Triple Kick
Hitmonlee lvl. 42 – Swagger, Focus Energy, Hi Jump Kick and Blaze Kick
Hitmonchan lvl. 42 – Thunder punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch and Bullet Punch
Onix lvl. 43 – Dragonbreath, Earthquake, Sandstorm and Rock Slide
Machamp lvl. 46 – Rock Slide, Foresight, Revenge and Cross Chop: Sitrus Berry


From Fighting to Dark Type Pokemon can be a nice shift. Ironically, Fighting type moves are very effective against Dark Type Pokemon and the two that are not Dark type are quite susecptible to Fire and Psychic-type attacks.
Umbreon is a surprisingly tough. With Payback in its arsenal and Double Team to boot, this will be a little harder fight. While Swift is a great move against something boosted by Double Team, it will take some time to punch through the Umbreon's defenses. It will only rarely use Confuse Ray, but expect a good bit of Faint Attack.
The Murkrow will likely favor Faint Attack. Be on guard if your Pokemon has a berry, as the Murkrow has Pluck. It does have Sucker Punch and Whirlwind, so be ready to take some damage.
The Houndoom will use Nasty Plot if you give it a chance. This will boost the power of most of its attacks are Special based.
The Vileplume will likely start with petal Dance, a multi-turn attack. While a decent attack, afterwards, the Pokemon will be confused with Fatigue, giving it a chance to finish itself off if you got its HP low enough. Still, it has Moonlight, so it can restore HP and it will make at least some use of Stun Spore to try to mess you up.
The Gengar calls some a solid degree of attention, as it has Destiny Bond. It will use this and try to anticipate getting knocked out. Lick has a chance to paralyze while Spite will drain PP from moves.

Full Restore: 2
Umbreon lvl. 42 – Double team, Confuse Ray, Faint Attack and Payback
Gengar lvl. 45 – Lick, Spite, Focus Blast and Destiny Bond
Houndoom lvl. 47 – Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Flamethrower and Crunch
Murkrow lvl. 44 – Pluck, Whirlwind, Sucker Punch and Faint Attack
Vileplume lvl. 42 – Stun Spore, Acid, Moonlight and Petal Dance

Champion Battle: Lance

Lance, the Dragon Type user. Dragon is a very strong typing, resisting many of the common types makes it that much more difficult to deal with. Surprisingly it is quite weak to itself and to Ice. Lance also has the most Full Restores of any of the trainers. This can be problematic but a solid offense can punch through that line of defense.
The Gyrados favors its Attack stat and it shows in its move set. It will likely start with Waterfall, and favor that against Pokemon that are strong against it
The Charizard knows that Fire Fang and Air Slash are its strongest attacks, gaining from both its types. It will occasionally throw in Shadow Claw, so keep on guard if you are using a Psychic Pokemon.
Against either of the Dragonites lvl. 49,  you only need to worry about the variant move, either Thunder or Blizzard. That being said, either will likely try to paralyze your Pokemon with Thunder Wave and follow that with a brutal attack. It is no laughing matter and can One Hit KO a good number of Pokemon.
The Aerodactyl poses a challenge because it is strong and very fast. Still a solid Rock/Ground Pokemon can likely take it or just something moderately durable.
The final Dragonite has a good number of powerful attacks. If it uses Hyper Beam and your Popkemon survives, throw your strongest attack after that, as the Dragonite must recharge after it uses that attack. Be on guard for Outrage, it is very strong and it will last a few turns. Afterwards, the Dragonite will be confused, but surviving that can be tricky.

Full Restore: 4
Gyrados lvl. 46 – Flail, Dragon Pulse, Water Fall and Ice Fang
Charizard lvl. 48 – Shadow Claw, Air Slash, Dragon Claw and Fire Fang
Aerodactyl lvl. 48 – Aerial Ace, Crunch, Rock Slide and Thunder Fang
Dragonite lvl. 49 – Thunder Wave, Dragon Rush, Hyper Beam and Blizzard
Dragonite lvl. 49 – Thunder Wave, Dragon Rush, Hyper Beam and Thunder
Dragonite lvl. 50 – Fire Blast, Safe Guard, Outrage and Hyper Beam – Holding Sitrus Berry

Now, with Lance out of the way, you are to be inaugurated into the Pokemon Hall of Fame. Molly and Oak will appear to congratulate you. Molly will try to interview you, but Lance will pull you away. After a little more talking, your team is inaugurated. After your game is saved and the credits roll, you are ready to start your next part of your journey!

My own team:
Meganium “Homage” lvl. 46 – Body Slam, Magical Leaf, Solar Beam, Synthesis
Jirachi lvl. 48 – Wish, Psychic, Swift, Draco Meteor
Pikachu lvl. 43 – Fly, Thunderbolt, Discharge, Agility
Furret “Sentry” lvl. 40 – Strength, Foresight, Cut, Headbutt
Ho-oh “Batard” lvl. 45 – Sacred Fire, Extrasensory, Fire Blast, Sunny Day
Murderkarp lvl. 100 – Hyper Beam, Zap Cannon, Octazooka, Spacial Rend

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