Welcome to the wonderful world of Pokemon. Once you start your new game of Heart Gold or Soul Silver you will find a screen offering to tell you important things about this game.

Under Control Information:
The tutorial offers to explain how you can control your character. “You can control this game by touching the lower screen, also called the Touch Screen”.  It further explainsou can use the Touch Screen to use items and advance conversations, which you can also do by hitting “A”. The tutorial explains that “differnt touch buttons will appear on the Touch Screen depending on the situation. If [a pink mark shows illustrating the touch screen], you can use it to advance.

After this, it explains how to use the buttons. The d-pad is used to move the main character as well as to select entries. You can also use the buttons to operate the screens instead of using the Touch Screen. “A” is used to confirm a choice, check things, chat, scroll text etc.
“B” is used to exit menu screens, cancel choices or cancel a mode.
“X” is used to move within menus.
“Y” lets you use a Key Item, like the Bicycle, which must be registered in advance (through the Backpack).

After all this, it will ask if you understand everything. If you say “No”, it repeats the tutorial.

Under Adventure Information:
“You are about to enter a world where you will embark on a grand adventure of your very own. Speak to people and check things wherever you go, be it in towns, roads or caves. Gather information and hints from every possible source. New paths will open to you when you help people in need, overcome challenges and solve mysteries. At times, you will be challenged by others to a battle. At other times, wild creatures may stand in your way.

By overcoming such hurdles, you will gain great power. However, your adventure is not solely about becoming powerful. On your travels, we hope that you will meet countless people and, through them, achieve personal growth.

This is the most important objective of this adventure.

After you have gone over what you needed, choose “No Info Needed” to start the game.

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