24 – Route 35

Now that you have the Plain Badge, hop one place to the right to get the Squirt Bottle. Also be sure that you have a few Poke Balls (or Great Balls if money allows) to catch a new Pokemon soon.

When you are heading north, out of Goldenrod City, you can talk to the two people inside the building. The person behind the counter will ask you to deliver a letter to a friend of his on Route 31. To do this little favor though, you need an open space in your Party because it is held by a Spearow! This is a fairly simple thing to do and somewhat on the way. He will remark on the weird tree that is on Route 31 and wonder if it has been cleared. You have everything to do so now, so it will be shortly. Head on upwards and onto Route 35.

Head straight up from the Exit Building from Goldenrod to encounter Picnicker Kim. She will lead with Vulpix lvl. 15. it will attack a bit with Quick Attack, it also has Will-o-Wisp, which will burn your Pokemon if it hits. Nothing too special after that. From there, head to the right. Follow the path around the lake to encounter Camper Elliot, who is next to his Girlfriend, Picnicker Brooke.

You will fight Elliot first, who will lead with a Sandshrew lvl. 13. It will likely boost its defense with Defense Curl then either use Sand-Attack or come at your Pokemon with Scratch. After that, he will send in a Marill lvl. 15. it will likely use Tail Whip to lower your Pokemon's defenses a bit or Defense Curl to boost its own Defense. After that it will likely attack with Water Gun.

With Camper Brooke, she will lead with a Pikachu lvl. 16. It will likely start with Double Team to boost its evasion. After that it will likely come at you with Quick Attack or Thundershock.

After Brooke, you will see another Camper, this is Camper Ivan. He will start with Diglett lvl. 10. It will likely start with Scratch or Astonish. After that he will send in either Zubat lvl. 10 or Diglett lvl. 14. The Zubat most likely will attack with Leech Life. It can go down pretty quick too. The other Diglett has Magnitude, so be on guard in case it uses that.

Juggler Irwin is the next trainer along the route. He opens with a Voltorb lvl. 2. Most Pokemon can just beat it outright. After that, he will send in either Voltorb lvl. 6, lvl. 10 or 14.
The Voltorb lvl. 6 will use Charge then Tackle. The one at lvl. 10 adds Sonic Boom to the mix. The one at lvl. 14 adds Spark to its potential moves, so it has an Electric type attack. After the battle Irwin will offer you his Number so he can keep up with what you are doing.

Above Irwin is Firebreather Walt. He will challenge you to a battle and lead with Magmar lvl. 11. It will start with Smoke Screen to lower your Pokemon's accuracy then attack with Smog or Ember. After that he will send in another Magmar lvl. 16. It will also attack with Ember, but this one much more or it will come at you with Faint Attack, a Dark attack with perfect accuracy. Afterwards he will offer to give you his number so he has someone to talk with.

Now there are a few routes you can take. If you go straight North, you will go through the building and wind up at the National Park. If you go through the building and head to the west, you will find the Pokeathlon Dome. If you go East then North, you continue with the story. This walkthrough will follow the path of the story, but there will be supplemental parts covering the Pokeathlon Dome and the National Park.

Head to the East to encounter Bug Catcher Arnie. He will send in Venonat lvl. 15. This Pokemon will attack with Confusion or try to come at you with Poison Powder or Super Sonic. After you beat him, Arnie will offer you his number so that if he wants to battle you again, he can call you.

If you want to just progress, head to the small tree near Arnie, cut it down and head up.

If you want to try another battle and collect a few items, head downwards. Follow it so you can cut around the trees on your left to reach the item ball there. It has a Parylz Heal inside it. Keep heading downward, then head to the left to see Bird Keeper Bryan, walk over to him and talk with him to challenge him. He will lead with Pidgey lvl. 12. It knows Gust, Sand-Attack and Growl, so nothing too bad to deal with. After that, he will send in Pidgeotto lvl. 14. It knows Quick Attack, Sand-Attack, Tackle and Gust. It will favor Quick Attack though.

After you beat Bryan follow the path near him to the right to find an item ball with TM 66, Payback, inside it. After that, head back up and cut down the tree blocking your way near Arnie. Head upward to reach Route 36.

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