56 – Route 27 to Route 26

Before you embark on this, make sure you have Pokemon that know Surf, Waterfall, Rock Smash and Whirlpool. From New Bark Town, head to the left and surf eastward to reach Route 27. Just keep surfing to the east and you will find the next part of the route. There is someone there who will approach you and tell you that you have just arrived in the Kanto region! Take a moment after that and head to the nearby body of water below the fellow you just talked to. Go all the way to the way to the right and you will find an item ball with a Rare Candy inside it. After that you can head into the cave and get a few items and reach the house above.

Into the Cave
Inside, you will find Tohjo Falls. Again, hop onto your surfing Pokemon. Ascend the waterfall in front of you. Head over to the right and head down the next waterfall. Before you hop off your Pokemon, back onto dry land, take a moment to go to the left and up, you will find a staircase. Take it all the way to the left to find an item ball containing a Moon Stone. On the way back, take a moment to search behind the waterfall closest to the item ball. You will find a little hidden cave around there. It could a role in some event in the future, but we will see. Now, head for the exit.

When you step outside, Ace Trainer Megan will be nearby to challenge you. She will start with Bulbasaur lvl. 32.  It is a little weak still after all the Trainers in that last Gym. After that she will send in either Ivysaur lvl. 32 or Venusaur lvl. 32. After her, head into the nearby house. Inside, the old lady will give you TM 37, Sandstorm, if your lead Pokemon really likes you. Exit the house and head back over to Megan. You will want to hop on your surfing Pokemon to keep going to the east behind her. When you reach the next land part of the route, you will see another trainer, Ace Trainer Blake. Give him the chance and he will challenge you with Magneton lvl. 33, Quagsire lvl. 32 and Exeggcute lvl. 31.

After him, head to the right across the bridge. Eventually you will see Ace Trainer Brian. He will challenge you with Mareep lvl. 35. After him, take a moment to hop onto your surfing Pokemon and surf south of him. You will see a whirlpool. Cross it and head to the left. You will find Bird Keeper Jose and an item ball with TM 02, Dragon Claw, inside it. Jose will challenge you with Farfetch'd lvl. 40. While lvl. 40, that is not the most durable Pokemon. After the battle he will offer you his number and he will share items that his Farfetch'd. Head back to the right and across the whirlpool, returning to the bridge. Keep going to the right on it. Either follow the staircases up and down, taking a moment to grab the item ball near the downward stairs or just surf to the right, using Whirlpool to cross the one in your way, then take a moment to head up and grab the item ball that is nearby. This item ball has a Destiny Knot inside it. After that, you should challenge Psychic Eli. He will fight you with a Starmie lvl. 30, Girafarig lvl. 34 and Exeggcute lvl. 30.

From there, just keep going to the right, you will encounter Ace Trainer Reena. She will battle you with Growlithe lvl. 36, Staryu lvl. 36 and Nidorina lvl. 33. After the battle, she will offer you her number for some rematches in the future. After that, just keep going to the right and you will reach Route 26.

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