22 – Goldenrod City (First Visit)

As you get inside the City, you can see a woman on the right side pacing a bit. Talk to her to find out that the Goldenrod City Radio tower is offering to modify your Pokegear so it can receive radio signals. Just above her is a building you can go into. This is the Goldenrod Department Store. This is one of the best places to shop in the game.
Floor 1: Information
Floor 2: Tainer's Market
Top Counter – Poke Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Escape Rope, Poke Doll, Repel, Super Repel, Max Repel, Grass Mail, Flame Mail, Bubble Mail, Space Mail
Bottom Counter – Potion, Super Potion, Hyper Potion, Max Potion, Revive, Antidote, Parylz Heal, Burn Heal, Ice Heal, Awakening, Full Heal
Floor 3: Battle Collection – X Speed, X Attack, X Defense, Guard Spec., Dire Hit, X Accuracy, X Special, X Sp. Def.
Floor 4: Medicine Box – Protein, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Carbos, HP Up.
Floor 5: TM Corner – TMs: 70 (Flash), 17 (Protect), 54 (False Swipe), 83 (Natural Gift), 16 (Light Screen), 33 (Reflect), 22 (Solar Beam), 52 (Focus Blast), 38 (Fire Blast), 25 (Thunder), 14 (Blizzard), 15 (Hyper Beam)
Floor 6: Rooftop Artium – Vending Machine: Fresh Water, Soda Pop, Lemonade
Drawing Corner: Ticket, One Play.

If you head to the left of the Department Store, you will see the Pokemon Center. The people inside the Pokemon Center will tell you about how there are around 500 different kinds of Pokemon and how there is no one strongest Pokemon. You also learn that on the back of your trainer card is recorded how many times you've linked, battles lost and won. Head on out after you heal up your Pokemon. Time to explore Goldenrod City.

Just above the Pokemon Center is the Game Corner. Head inside and talk to the man at the table in the middle of the room. He will offer you a Coin Purse so you can play the various games found here if you say “Yes”. This will let you play the Voltorb Flip Coin game. When you have enough coins you can exchange them for Pokemon, TMs and Held Items.

Voltorb Flip
This is a deceptively simple game. The idea is to flip over the cards and you will get the total of the cards multiplied together. The cards range from 1 to 3, so this can add up fairly well. It also makes it free to start playing. If you flip over a Voltorb though, you will lose all your coins. This game can be played moving the cursor around either with the D-pad or by tapping tiles with the Stylus. The game will advance in level once you find all the hidden cards valued 2 or 3. As you advance in level you will be able to get more coins.

There is also a Memo feature, letting you mark cards to note their value as well as the location of Voltorb cards. You will want to pay attention to the numbers found on the right side and bottom of the board, as it will show you the total value of each line and column added together and how many hidden Voltorbs there are in that line. This gives you a better chance of figuring out just where the Voltorbs are and where the numbers are as well as increasing your chances to advance in level. You must keep playing the same game to play the higher levels of the game.

The Prizes:
Pokemon – Abra, Ekans (HeartGold Only), Sandshrew (SoulSilver Only), Dratini
Held Items – Silk Scarf, Wide Lens, Zoon Lens, Metronome
TMs – 90 (Substitute), 75 (Swords Dance), 44 (Rest), 35 (Flamethrower), 13 (Ice Beam), 24 (Thunderbolt)

After your visit to the Game Corner, if you go to the left, you will see a house and an Old Man wandering around nearby. The Old Man is just lost in the City. In the first house you see you will find a Mother and Daughter. This is Bill's Mother and Sister! His Mother will tell you that he was just called to the Ecruteak City Pokemon Center. This could be useful for finding him.

If you head back to the right and up you will see two buildings on your left. The first is the Goldenrod Station for the Johto-Kanto Magnet Train. Unfortunately, for now, the train is undergoing maintenance which could take some time. The next building to the left is the Radio Tower. Talking with the people around here they will point out the person dressed in black, like a member of Team Rocket and that the Radio Tower is recently built to replace the old musty one. If you talk to this person, they will just tell you to leave them alone.

Inside the Radio Tower building the people at the left end of the counter will greet you. The one in the middle runs the Pokemon Lottery Corner. The one on the right will offer to give you a Radio card if you can answer the five questions right.

These are the questions and the answers:
Can check your Town Map with your Pokegear - Yes
Nidorina can only be female - Yes
Kurt uses Apricorns as ingredients to make Poke Balls - No
TMs cannot be used on Magikarp – Yes
Prof. Oak talk show with Marie - No

Once you complete this quiz, a girl with pink hair will approach you, commenting how she thought the answer to question three had to be apricorns. After that she will remark it is time to get back to the Gym … that was the Gym Leader! You can now head over to the Gym to take her on. Everyone else on the floor will just comment on their favorite radio shows. Head on up the stairs to continue exploring the building. On the second floor, head around the screen and talk to the person on the right side of the table. This is Buena, who hosts Buena's Password Radio Show. By listening in and reporting in the password, you can collect points which can be redeemed for prizes from the lady to the left. If you try to go up one more flight of stairs, you will notice the Guard standing in your way. For some reason, they have this area closed off. If you talk to the people who are on this floor, you will learn that you can use the radio to decrease the number of wild Pokemon you encounter by switching the radio over to a Lullaby Station. That is all for now in the Radio station.

If you go to the left from the Radio Station, you will find the Global Terminal. This place lets you trade Pokemon with other trainers from all over the world. Stop in and get it all set up!

If you head down and to the right from Bill's house, you will find another building, this is the Southern entrance to the Goldenrod City Tunnel.

Inside the Goldenrod Tunnel, you will find a variety of shops that will change daily. At the Northern end of the Tunnel, you will find a place to Dress-Up your Pokemon and take photos of them.
When you first enter the Tunnel, you will encounter Lyra's/Ethan's Marill running ahead of them. S/he will give you a Fashion Case so you can store your various accessories.
Sunday – Pokemon Salon (Junior Stylist) and Herbalist
Monday – Discount Item Store (between 4 am and 10 am)
Tuesday – Pokemon Salon (Senior Stylist)
Wednesday – Pokemon Salon (Junior Stylist)
Thursday – Pokemon Salon (Senior Stylist)
Friday – Pokemon Salon (Junior Stylist)
Saturday – Pokemon Salon (Senior Stylist) and Herbalist

Inside the Tunnel you will also find a few Pokemon Trainers that you can battle. From the Southern end, to the Northern, they are:

Super Nerd Eric – He will open with a Grimer lvl. 11. It has Smog which can Poison your Pokemon, so keep on guard for that. It will mostly attack with Mud-Slap though which can lower your accuracy. After that he will send out another Grimer lvl. 11. Both of these Pokemon have some durability to them so expect to hit them a few times, unless you use Super Effective moves like Confusion or Earthquake.

Pokemaniac Issac – He will lead with a Lickitung lvl. 12. It has Supersonic and will likely lead with that attack. After that, it will likely attack with Lick or boost its defense with Defense Curl.

Super Nerd Teru – He will lead with Magnemite lvl. 7. It knows Metal Sound, Tackle and Thundershock. After that he can send out Magnemite lvl. 7, lvl. 9, or Voltorb lvl. 11. All the Magnemites have the same attacks. The Voltorb knows Sonic Boom, Tackle and Charge. Sonic Boom does 20 damage every time it hits, so keep an eye on your HP for this part of the battle.

Poke Manic Donald – He will lead with Slowpoke lvl. 11. It will mostly attack with Water Gun or Tackle. It may also use Growl to lower your Pokemon's attack or Yawn to get your Pokemon to fall asleep. After that he will send out another Slowpoke lvl. 11. Like always, it will behave much the same as the last one. Finish this Pokemon to take down all the trainers inside the Goldenrod Tunnel.

Head up the stairs near Donald to get to the Northern part of Goldenrod City. To the right of the building you exit from you will find the Name Rater's House. Any Pokemon that you have caught, you can change the name of, this includes Pokemon you catch in the Pokewalker. If you got the Pokemon in a trade or from a WiFi event, you cannot change its name.

To the right of here, you will find the Goldenrod City Gym and Flower Shop. You can challenge the Gym Leader once you complete the Radio Stataion's Quiz for the Radio Card. The Flower Shop will give you a watering can if you can beat Goldenrod City's Gym. The last house to the right has people who will tell you about how to keep up your Pokemon's move PP to ensure it can keep using its moves.

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