39 – Route 42 to Mahogany Town

Fly from Olivine to Ecruteak City. From there, head to the right and through the entry building to reach Route 42. As you head to the right on Route 42, look upwards toward the first entrance of Mt. Mortar. You will see a sign and not too far from it, an item ball. The item ball has TM 65, Shadow Claw, inside it. When you head toward the entrance of the cave, a hiker will come running out and bump into you. After apologizing he will give you HM 04, Strength. With the right gym badge, Goldenrod’s, this will let you push large rocks out of your way. For many later areas, this is a very helpful move.

If you have been following the walkthrough so far, you can just keep going to the right and hop onto a Surfing Pokemon and keep going to the right. Follow the watery route and you will find another ground path. Keep going to the right, though you will quickly notice a few apricorn trees and Suicune! Cut down the small tree that stands in your way opposite the cave entrance. Once you pass to where the tree was, Suicune will notice you, and bump into you as it flees the scene. Eusine will make his obligatory appearance with praise for Suicune. After all that, head into the clearing where Suicune was to grab the Pnk, Grn and Ylw apricorns. Head back onto the main part of the route and head to the right, reaching a second body of water. Just at the edge of the water is another item ball with a Super Potion inside. Again, hop onto your Pokemon with Surf and cruise to the right. As you cross, take a moment to go to the rock that is near the edge of the water in the southern part of the pond. There, you will find a hidden Max Potion. Not too far from here, you will see a Fisherman stand near the edge of the water. This is Fisherman Tully who has a Qwilfish lvl. 19. It will likely open with Rollout. It also knows Water Gun, Minimize and Harden. After you take out his Qwilfish, he will offer you his number so if he finds anything, he will give them to you. After that, keep going to the right, up the stairs and you will encounter some more trainers. The first is Poke Maniac Shane, who will send a Nidorina lvl. 17. It will likely open with Poison Sting. It also knows Tail Whip, Double Kick and Scratch. It does have Poison Point so any Pokemon physically attacking it have a chance that they will get poisoned. Next Shane will send out a Nidorino, also lvl. 17. It has Poison Sting, Double Kick, Focus Energy and Peck.

Keep going to the right and you will encounter Hiker Benjamin. He opens with a Diglett lvl. 15. It knows Mud-slap, Magnitude, Astonish and Growl. After that, he will send in a Geodude lvl. 15 or a Dugtrio lvl. 17.The Geodude knows Magnitude, Rock Throw, Rock Polish and Mud Sport. The Dugtrio knows Magnitude, Mud-Slap, Astonish and Growl.

Head to the right from Benjamin to reach Mahogany Town.

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