46 – Goldenrod Radio Tower: Clearing out Team Rocket

First Floor:
Head into the Radio Tower and to the stairs in the upper right part of the room. Talking with the Grunt, wearing your Uniform, will get you admitted to the rest of the Tower and pave the way for you to take care of this group. Just after you talk with him though, your Rival will show up, telling them to stop threatening people in groups. After that, he will notice you and pull off your Team Rocket Uniform. This will alert the guard to your little scheme and he will battle you. The Grunt will lead with a Raticate lvl. 24. It will likely lead with Crunch. It plays a fairly aggressive game, so keep your Pokemon healthy and wait out for those critical hits. It also knows Scary Face and Hyper Fang. After that, he will send out a second Raticate, lvl. 24. Rinse and repeat from the last one, as it acts much the same. Your Rival will finally notice you were trying to be sneaky and say that's for the meek. He clearly states he intends to beat Lance and leaves after that. Time to ascend to the next floor.

Second Floor:
Immediately, you do not see any members of Team Rocket, but after a few steps, you will see a pair of them just ahead. From just walking forward, the one closest to the top of the screen will challenge you. He has 5 Pokemon, so this could take a moment. He will lead with a Rattata lvl. 21. After the last Gym, most of your team is likely to be around lvl. 30, so no real worries here. He can follow that with another Rattata at lvl. 21, or 1 of 3 Rattata at lvl. 23. Move a little down and to the left and the Grunt just below the last one will challenge you.  She will send out her Arbok lvl. 26. It may lead with Glare, aiming to paralyze your Pokemon, so keep ready for it It also knows Screech, Acid and Crunch. If you want a little amusement, take a moment and talk with Buena, as she is just behind that last Grunt to the right. The next Grunt in the bottom left will challenge you, leading the attack with a Grimer lvl. 23. It knows Disable and may open with it, so be wary if a Pokemon only has one attack move. It also knows Mud Bomb, Sludge and Minimize. Attacking it physically can knock it out fast, so do that. After that, The Grunt will send in either a Grimer lvl. 23 or Muk lvl. 25. The second Grimer has the same move set and tendencies as the first, so nothing new. The Muk will likely start with Minimize, and repeat it a few times to be very hard to hit. It also knows Mud Bomb and Disable, which it will use frequently. The Grunt on the far side of the tables is the last one left on the floor, time to attend to them. He will lead with a Zubat lvl. 26. It knows Bite, Air Cutter, Confuse Ray. It will likely attack a lot with Bite and Confuse Ray, occasionally with Air Cutter. After the Zubat, he will send in a second Zubat at lvl. 26. It will act much the same with all the same moves. Head to the upper left part of the room and climb the stairs to the next level.

Third Floor:
Straight to the right of the stairs is another Grunt. He has 4 Pokemon and leads with a Koffing lvl. 23. It will likely start with Smokescreen, lowing your Pokemon's accuracy and persist at it for all the time it is out. It is not too tough though and can be taken down before too much accuracy is lost. After that, the Grunt can send in a Grimer lvl. 23, Zubat lvl. 23 or Rattata lvl. 23. The Grimer acts much like the ones you encounted on the last last, same moves and style. The same is true for the Zubat and the Rattata. If you head down and to the right, you will see a Scientist, Garett near a corridor leading to the right. Hr will challenge you, leading with a Magnemite lvl. 27. It will likely lead with Thunder Wave, attempting to paralyze your Pokemon. It also knows Lock-on, Spark and Sonic Boom. After that, he will send out another two Magnemite lvl 27 . They all act much like the first, so nothing much more to say there. Keep going to the right to work at clearing the rest of this floor. Next is another Grunt. He leads with a Weezing lvl. 26.  It will start with Smokescreen, lowering your accuracy. It also knows Sludge, Assurance. It will alternate mostly between Sludge and Assurance. Talk with the lady to the left and she will tell you that the boss of this operation is just beyond the doors, but he has locked himself in. You can get the access card from the Director, who is up on the fifth floor. With no more Grunts or Scientist on this floor immediately, it is time to head to the next set of stairs and keep going upwards.

Fourth Floor:
Again, a Grunt is waiting for you, not too far from the stairs. He will lead with a Zubat lvl. 22. It is much the same as the lvl. 23, so take it out. After that, he will follow it either with a Golbat lvl. 24 or Grimer lvl. 22. The Golbat attacks mostly with Wing Attack, Astonish and Bite. The Grimer is much the same of what you have been encountering, so nothing new here. Next is another Scientist, Trenton. He will lead with a Porygon lvl. 30! It knows Conversion 2, which lets it change its type to resist the last attack you used, Recover and Charge Beam. This makes the Porygon surprisingly durable and hard to take down easily. You will need to attack with multiple types and be sure to be ready for a sudden change. From there, head down and to the right to find the last member of Team Rocket on the floor on the far right hand side of the radio booth. She will start with an Ekans lvl. 21. After the last Grunt, this should be easy. She can follow it with Ekans lvl 21, Oddish lvl. 23, or Gloom lvl. 24. The Oddish, again is nothing really compared to the last one, so just take it out. The Gloom knows Mega Drain, PoisonPowder, Stun Spore. It will favor those three in attacking you. Head on up the stairs in the upper left to reach the next floor.

Fifth Floor:
There is just one man behind the desk. Talk to him and Petrel will reveal himself impersonating the director of Goldenrod Radio Tower. He will then challenge you to another battle. He has a full team of 6, all at a decent level, so this will take a bit to conquer:

He will lead with Koffing lvl. 30. All his Koffings know Sludge, Tackle, Smokescreen and Self Destruct. It will favor using Tackle the most, with the occasional Sludge or Smokescreen. It is thankfully rare for them to use Self Destruct, but they do have it. After that, he can send in a Weezing lvl. 32, and another 4 Koffings at lvl 30. The Weezing frequently attacks with Sludge and it knows Smokescreen but will only use it occasionally.

After you beat Petrel, again, he will tell you that Team Rocket stashed the real Director in the underground warehouse. This warehouse is apparently at the far end of the Underground Tunnel. That would put it opposite the photo shop where you got your costume. Well, time to clear out of the Radio Tower and head into Underground tunnel again. Head out of the Radio Tower, to the right, down, taking the first left and winding your way to the other entrance of the Goldenrod Tunnel.

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