Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 63 – Sequence 10 “The Observatory”

Optional Objectives:
Incapacitate all Guardians while unarmed
Incapacitate 5 Guardians from Stalking Zones

Take some time to do any roaming that you want to do: go for Stelaes, chests, treasure maps, piracy, as you are about to enter a 3 memory chain without any breaks (with an interlude into the Present Day). Take care of whatever you want to now. When you are ready, head for the marker to begin this mission, which sits in Long Bay. Be sure to also stock up on your darts.

Once through the opening of the mission be sure to select unarmed as your weapon if you want to go for the optional objectives. Head straight in from there. Be sure to activate Eagle Vision. The reason is there is a Guardian, one of the inhabitants of the island, watching the area. He sits in the Stalking Zone at the base of the tree with all the hung corpses. Mark him with Eagle Vision. Go around the tree to the right into the Stalking Zone. You will see he is farther head. Hit him with a Sleeping Dart then move in and knock him out.

Turn to the Northeast and use Eagle Vision again. There are 2 more Guardians in the nearby Stalking Zones. Hit the nearby one with a Sleeping Dart. Head up the slope to the South and drop into the Stalking Zone. Tag the remaining Guardian then use the Sleeping Dart on him when he is not standing up. This will clear this first area. Head for the next search zone to press on.

Getting to the Search Zone is simple, head to the South following the river. Go up the slope and turn left at the top. You will see something of a treetop village ahead of you. Duck into the Stalking Zone to the right just inside the Search Area.

Once inside the Stalking Zone use Eagle Vision. You will be able to see the Guardians that are nearby and tag them. Start over to the right to keep in the cover of the Stalking Zone. Slip into the next one and look ahead to focus on the nearby guardian. Hit him with a Sleep Dart then move in and knock him out.  Scamper up the nearby slope after that. Immediately get into the Stalking Zone. There is another Guardian waiting at the top. Hit him with a Sleep Dart then knock him out. Now head down to the river. Head to the South to find the final Guardian. Be careful near the water as there is a Crocodile in there. Once again, use a Sleep Dart/Knock Out combination. Time to move onto the next section of Jungle.

Start off to the North. Stay out of the water as the Crocodile is still in there (but you can hit it with a Sleep Dart then skin it). Climb up the tree near the water's edge. At the top of the tree go to the West along the branches to reach the wooden walkway.

Once on the walkway, look North. You will espy another Guardian. Take him down with a Sleep Dart then knock him out. Now look at the Stalking Zones below. To the West and to the North you will find Guardians. Mark them. Time to start with the one to the West. Hop over to the thin platform then perform an Aerial knockout on your target. Now head for the one to the East. If you time it right and use the nearby tree, you can slip into the same Stalking Zone without him noticing. Move in slowly and quietly to get your first knockout inside a Stalking Zone. Continue to the East, carefully, as there is a Crocodile in these waters too. Move through the water to the closest Stalking Zone to the water. Tag, Sleep Dart and knock out the Guardian ahead. Take a moment to knock out and skin the crocodile as well.