Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 38 – Sequence 7 “The Gunpowder Plot”

Optional Objectives:
Kill 4 guards in 1 kill streak
Use 10 Blowpipe darts on guards

Head to the Tavern to start up this next memory. There you will find Charles Vane to talk to. The two have words and begin a plot. As it is plain to see, you are encouraged to cause some Chaos this time. With 4 areas to search the gunpowder from, there is more than ample opportunity for both of the objectives.

The first area is just to the South of the Tavern. Head there to start. With a few Brutes, this is not an ideal place to start for the 4 in 1 kill streak. Instead, start with the darts. Using a number of Berserk Darts, you can clear out most of the area without raising your blade. This can get you up to 4 targets in 1 go. Turn toward the marker and you will see a guarded tunnel. You can easily hit both with more Darts to set them on each other. Go into the tunnel. There is another Officer and a third Brute further inside. Hit the officer with another dart and repeat this for the final brute. Just go around to the far side of the cargo stack to find the first keg of gun powder. Steal it and then finish going through the tunnel.

On the far side of the tunnel you have a large group of Officers and Scouts waiting. This is a good place for the first attempt at the kill streak. Properly managed, it can be done. Otherwise, just kill them all with assassination moves and head to the South.

Now head to the South to the large restricted zone there. This is a good place to get the 4 kill streak. If there is an Officer in the fight, try to start with him. While you have a number of Gunners in the area, it is very easy to get a 4 Kill streak here. Remember, if there is an Officer, start with him as he can interrupt your streak. Deal with the men, sabotage the alarm bell and kill off the Gunners. Once you have done all that, just head for the marker. You will find a tent there. Go inside to claim the second barrel of Gunpowder.

You have two areas left: to the East and the West. Start by going to the West. While this will put you very close to the keg, there is a small but difficult restricted area just before the bigger one. Cut wide around it and make for the marked waypoint. To get in, use either Berserk or Sleep Darts on the patrolling Officer then on the Brute. This will make for a big distraction. Dispatch the survivors as the fight starts winding down. Kill them then grab the gunpowder. Leave the area to the North to avoid drawing more attention.

Time to head to the East and the final keg of gunpowder. Head on up the Queen Staircase then duck into the Stalking Zone to the right at the top of it. From there you can engage the rest of the Soldiers and collect the final barrel of Gunpowder. Deal with the Soldiers, Gunners, Officers and Brutes however you want. When you have dealt with them, head on into the camp in the middle of the area. In the Northeastern corner you will find the tent with the gunpowder. Steal that to complete the mission.

Take a moment after this mission to restock your Darts. They are very helpful for the coming mission.