Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 6 – “Mister Walpole, I Presume?”

Full Synchronization:
Complete Rogers' shooting challenge
Pickpocket all Templars

Before starting the memory, be sure to Synchronize with the Viewpoint on top of the Governor's Mansion. This will let you see more of the area you are in. There is a second Viewpoint not far, synchronization with it is also suggested. After that, head for the entrance of the Governor's Mansion. Go up to the gate to start the mission.

Fast walk on up the stairs to the left and make your way to the terrace. You will find a cutscene waiting for you. Just enter the checkpoint to trigger it. After that Edward will be given his first set of pistols. Take a little time to simply practice firing. After a minute or two, he will offer a challenge: shoot all marked targets within the allotted time. There are X targets and you have 22 seconds to shoot them.

Start with the target on the far right. Begin once they are marked, getting off the first shot as Rogers' is saying, “allotted time”. Be sure to use the reload to reposition Duncan in front of Julien du Casse. This will give you access to the final targets without chance of hitting the crates around them. When you complete the challenge you will be rewarded with 350 R. You can retry this challenge without limit. Just talk to Rogers for each attempt. When you are ready to move things forward, talk with Julien. This triggers a cutscene and Julien will give Edward a pair of hidden blades: they are souvenirs. He will then ask you to follow them down to a course to show off your assassination techniques.

There are a number of assassination techniques to use. Start with the basic low profile assassination: approach a target and simply assassinate them: the target is by the workers. Du Casse will want to see an assassination from a hiding place next. Head to the marked haycart and jump in. Hit the assassination button to take out the target. Third up is assassination from a blend or the corner. Either blend with the workers or move against the marked corner and take out the dummy. Fourth is the Aerial Assassination. Climb on up the nearby building to position yourself above the next dummy. Next is a running assassination. Just pick a target, sprint toward it in High Profile and take the target down. After the demonstration you are prompted to follow Rogers and du Casse. Follow the pair once again up the stairs. They will lead Edward to the Grand Master who is governor here in Havana. A cutscene runs and then you have something new happening.

As Torres explains the plan, Edward is given a new objective: pickpocket all 3 Templars. You only have the time that Torres is talking to steal from all 3 Templars. Move behind each in turn and steal from them. While it seems like a lot, this is meant to teach you more about pickpocketing, as these are exaggerated sums. Just listen to the meeting after that and you will be taken to the front of the house.