Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 11 – Sequence 3: “Now Hiring”

Full Synchronization:
Disarm and kill 3 guards
Shoot the rope to save the pirate

Welcome to Nassau. Take a moment to visit a Viewpoint and Synchronize with it to see more of the area. Here, it is a good idea to hunt down couriers. There are very few guards which makes taking them down a very good (and profitable) idea. Take a little time to visit additional viewpoints as they will unlock fast travel points all over the map. When you are ready to continue, head to the marker. You will find Adewale and a number of pirates that Kenway has met. They explain that a shipload of King's men have made a recent appearance. Now it is time to head on in and see who all you can bring onto the Jackdaw. Crew is then explained as a resource. The bigger crew you have, the bigger ships you can plunder.

Now you begin your search of collecting 15 pirates to help with the ship. Head for the closest mark. You can either focus on the optional objective or just deal with the soldiers. The first group has a few soldiers attacking 2-4 pirates. Killing the soldiers quickly will recruit more of them.

After the first group, start to the South to close in on the second. These pirates are in a restricted area so you need to move carefully to make it there. Head along the edge until you can climb up a building. In front of the church you will find 2 pirates being held captive by soldiers. Assassinate the guards in a single strike to free the Pirates. Take some time after that to engage the other Guards if you still need to disarm and kill soldiers. Remember to drop the weapon after disarming and killing the soldier. This will ensure you can disarm the next one without any trouble.

The next group of pirates is farther South. They are on a balcony with a Gunner holding them in place. Slip up behind the Gunner and kill him. After that just interact with the men to recruit them to your ship.

When you make it to a total of 15, you are directed toward a hanging that is taking place. Run over there and get into position. The best place to be is in the Northeastern area. This will let you get the shot needed on the rope and good control over the flow of enemies coming at you. That or just head straight at the hanging in front of the fort. From there shoot the rope and then deal with all the soldiers and the Officer that come after you. When the fighting is done, head on over to the pirate you just rescued.

With all the pirates rescued, head on back to the tavern. Edward will try to sell a few men on the Observatory. None seem to take it. Time to get on moving then. Head on back to the beach by the Jackdaw to start the next mission.