Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 60 – Sequence 10 “Black Bart's Gambit”

Optional Objectives:
Stay out of combat
Use a rope swing to kill the captain

Kenway starts on Misteriosa after the journey to recruit Roberts over to his side. Sail out of the narrow channel carefully and head for the marker. When you get there you will find a Portuguese Ship. You are charged with taking the ship's flag, so this means a boarding party is in order but not in the typical sense. Kenway needs to sneak on board this round.

On approach to the target ship you will encounter lots of high wind. Keep to half sail save for burst of full sail. The confines of the channel you sail also force this. Still, it is not too hard. After that you will be scouting ships with your telescope. Look at the closest one to trigger the next part of the memory.

Time to climb on up silently. Either make directly for the foremast using Stealth Swim or around the ship and climb up the far side. Climb up to the lookout on the mast. Get on the far side to avoid being seen by the distant lookout. Get on the opposite side of the closer lookout and hit the distant one with a Sleep Dart. Move use a Low Profile assassination on the other lookout and climb up to the top of the mast to get the flag. Bring it down just as you would for taking a ship: stand at the base of it and interact with it. Dive down into the water and swim back over to the Jackdaw afterward.

The Jackdaw is now flying a Portuguese Flag. Slip through the ships in front of you and head into the search area. Again you will mostly want to be at half sail because of the strong winds. You are now looking for the ship “Nosso Senhor”. Head around the bends and look for the man o war in the fog. That is your target. A chest will be unloaded from the boat which likely contains your prize.

Head to the bow of the Jackdaw. From there swim around to the far beach, not the one closest to the ship. Move toward shore where you see the watch tower. Wait for the Scout and Gunner to be looking away. When they are, run up onto the beach and into the nearby Stalking Zone. Now you have a little more waiting to do. There is a Brute and a Scout in this area you need to tag with Sleep Darts. Now look up and tag the Gunner with a Sleep Dart. Loot the chest now to find it was empty. Time to get back to the Jackdaw. It will come around the corner for you so just swim out to it.

Once back aboard take the helm. Tail the Man O War that you saw earlier. Steer through the resting fleet of ships until the Jackdaw stops again. Go off the bow of the ship and head for the first watchtower. Time to start sorting out all the men on the beach so you can get a clear shot at the two up top.