Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 44 – Templar Hunt: Rhona Dinsmore “Bureau Under Attack” & “A Thief in the Market”

Bureau under attack
Head to the Templar Hunt marker in Southern Havana to start this mission. You will find Rhona Dinsmore under attack from Templar forces. Edward is his charming self as he appears to know him. She recruits him to help fight off the Templar backed forces attacking her.

The first wave is simple: 6 Soldiers. Deal with them using conventional combat. It is after that wave you get the option of speeding things up. Rhona will tell you about her powder kegs that are stashed on the nearby stoop. Grab 2 and drop them at the marker locations. Arm yourself with your pistols. When the next wave moves in, you can literally blast through it and pick off the survivors.

Each of the waves will consist of 6-8 Soldiers coming in after you. With Rhoda's help, they are not much of a threat, but they still pose something of one. When you have made it through 4 waves, you will complete the mission.

A Thief In The Market
The second mission can be begun right after the first. Just talk with Rhona again. She will send Edward  to the market so he can learn more of what is going on there. She sees it as too convenient to be happening at the same time the bureaus are under attack.

Head to the Search area, but cut around it to the Northwestern end. This will put Kenway by a Cathedral. Use Eagle Vision to find your target and then get ready to tackle him as he runs right toward you. You can also circle around behind the cathedral, but the distance restriction will likely force you to follow him.

The Pickpocket will run around the cathedral and hide in a Stalking by the Northeastern corner. Once he is inside the Stalking Zone he will remain there a good while. Approach and tackle him to finish the mission and push things forward with the Templar Hunt.