Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 54 – Naval Contracts Part 1

Naval Contract 1: “An Eye For An Eye”
Unlock: Fort Castillo de Jagua
Reward: 1,800 R
Difficulty: 3/5

You are sent after the ship: “San Lorenzo” to board it. Head to the Southwest of Castillo de Jagua to find the search area you are after. Head for the center of it to find our target. It is a frigate so it has good firepower. A Jackdaw with Standard Heavy Shot or Broadside will have little trouble getting into boarding action with her. After that just fill the prerequisites to complete the mission.  You can either use it to repair the Jackdaw or send it to the fleet.

Naval Contract 2: “The Law of the Ocean”
Unlock: Fort Conttoyor
Reward: 1,800 R
Difficulty: 3/5

You are sent after the ship: “The Hercules” to board her. She has a is found only a short distance from your starting position. She also has an escort of 4 Gunships. As you approach them, cut to half sail. As you approach, fire on the gunships with Mortar fire to slice through their ranks. Alternatively, approach and hit each with a Heavy shot or broadside. Either will sink the gunships with little trouble.

Naval Contract 3: “A Spanish Plague”
Unlock: Fort Eleuthera
Reward: 1,200 R
Difficulty: 1/5

You are sent after 3 Spanish Gunboats. All you need to do is sink them. Even the starting Jackdaw will have little trouble completing this objective.

Naval Contract 4: “Driftwood”
Unlock: Capture Fort Cabo de Cruz
Cargo Required: 60 Wood
Reward: 1,800 R
Difficulty: 4/5

Schooners are the target of choice for this mission. They are commonplace in the Northern waters. It will not take too long to capture the required amount of wood. If you have excess 60 Wood in stock, then you can simply turn in the mission after accepting it. If you have a sufficiently upgraded Naval Ram, you can end the fight with the first blow against low level schooners.