Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 8 – “Claiming What's Due”

Full Synchronization:
Stay out of combat
Kill 3 Guards from Stalking Zones

Head over to the marker There you will find Bonnet. Know that starting this mission starts a chain that will carry you through the rest of the sequence. If there is anything else you want to do in Havana, do it before talking with Stede.

Talk with Bonnet to start the mission. He decides he needs to talk to the Sage to learn more of the device. After the cutscene, vault the fence and dive into the Stalking zone that is just ahead of you. Move to the edge and wait for the guard with the lantern to come around to you. Take him down with an assassination from the stalking zone. Now move quickly from that to the one behind the next guard. Take him out by getting over to the edge of the next stalking zone. Time to start moving in toward your next target.

Head toward the marker and dart from each of the stalking zones to the next. The easiest way to manage this is to hang by the wall on your left. This will let you move relatively undetected for a long while. Just be sure to climb over the hut instead of going behind it as there is a guard there. Next you will want to start moving toward the path. Deal with the guards as they approach. The one patrolling guard makes for an easy target to get the third Stalking Zone assassination.

Make your way on up to the marked target: The Warden. Keep in the grass to avoid being seen. Once you find him with Eagle Vision, move to the edge of the Stalking Zone. There just wait for him to get close enough then whistle at him to lure him over. Kill him, loot his body then duck back into cover.

To move forward you need to deal with another guard. Look to the left of the stairs the Warden came down. There is a guard who looks down from 2 points there. Wait for him to move then quickly climb on up the wall to the left of the stairs. You can either hang on the ledge or, better yet, climb up the wall and duck into the Stalking Zone. Just wait for him to come back then take him down. From hereon, its easier to avoid killing the guards and just start slipping by them.

Head on over to the left and start darting from each of the Stalking Zones to the next. The next pause is with the stalking zone adjacent to the haycart. There is a stationary guard there. Move back some and whistle to lure him in for a quick kill when the others are looking away.

Now you will need to make a quick sprint for the next stalking zone to the left, by the hanging lines. Wait for the guard to turn away then make the sprint. Dart forward through the stalking ones until you have a big rock in front of you. Now you can either deal with the patrolling guard or wait for him to turn away. If you want to kill the guard, use either the cabinet or just whistle at him from a Stalking Zone.

The next part is a bit tricky as you need to make a fast dash for the wall to the North. There is an overturned cart you can use to climb up the wall and avoid being spotted until you make into the stalking zone at the top of the wall. You should have just enough time.

Once in the next stalking zone, start over to the left  Wait for the patrolling guard to move away then dash. You just need to make it through the entrance of the prison and use the key. This will get you inside the prison. The mission will end and things have taken a bad turn for Kenway.