Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 55 – Naval Contracts Part 2

Naval Contract 5: “Silk On The Waves”
Unlock: Capture Fort Gibara
Cargo Required: 30 Cloth
Reward: 1,200 R
Difficulty: 2/5

If you have enough Cloth to begin with, you can immediately turn in the contract and collect your reward. You are after Schooners as they have the most Cloth in tow. Always strike hard and fast to quickly end the fight. This will keep the damage to the Jackdaw minimal. Depending on the level of Naval Ram you have, it is very possible to end the fight with the first blow by ramming them

Naval Contract 6: “Contraband”
Unlock: Capture Fort Chinchorro
Reward: 2,400 R

You are sent after 1 Spanish frigate and 2 Gunboats. If your Jackdaw is in need of upgrades, you will realize it here. It is better to try to take on solitary ships opposed to a fleet. Still, it can make for a quick naval contract.

Naval Contract 7: “Private Escort”
Unlock: Capture Fort Dry Tortuga
Reward: 2,400 R
Difficulty: 5/5

A naval escort mission. Time to protect a ship. Having at least the reinforced hull, roundshot and mortars will make this task much less laborious. Accept the Naval contract to begin. You will be set after a Spanish Frigate that is some ways West of the fort. Get into the search area and then locate the ship with the Spyglass. Head into the center to find your ally in need of escort. It will have 2 gunboats on it. Stun them with Chain shot then finish them with Swivel fire. A very precise boardside can work as well, but be very careful with it to avoid damaging the Neptuno. After 2 gunboats are down then the second wave appears.

The second wave 3 Gunboats. Once again, careful broadside fire or a well placed mortar shot can wreck havoc on this attackers. Finish off whatever survives with some ramming or broadsides. It is onto the third and final wave after that.

The final wave has 2 Brigs and 2 schooners. All of these can be boarded without too much trouble. Focus on the brigs first as the schooners pose little threat on their own. Wipe them out, board them, either way, the mission will complete.