Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 23 – Sequence 4: “Nothing Is True...” Part 2

Optional Objectives:
Open 4 treasure chests
Knock out 3 assassins

Dash through the marker and head up the slope. When you hit the second marker, go to the left and duck into the Stalking Zone found there. There are 3 Assassins ahead of you that you need to deal with. Wait for the mobile one who goes up and down the slope to be at the base of the slope. When he is, head for the tree and climb it with the aid of the broken pillar. Sprint across through the tree to the far side and then duck into the Stalking Zone on the far side.

Once in this Stalking Zone, turn your attention forward. Once again you to free run up a pillar, through the V-section of the tree and onto the platform above the pair of assassins.  Head to the far side and dive into the pile of palm leaves. Wait for the Assassin guard to come close by and take him down with a luring whistle. Now head on through the nearby marker and down the path into the next Stalking Zone.

Look down the path from the Stalking Zone. You will see 3 Assassins ahead of you that need to be dealt with. There are actually a lot of Assassins in this area so it is better to slip through than try to knock anyone out. Head over to the left, along the wall. Wait for the patrolling Assassin to have her back to you. When she does, turn to the left and run for the wall just around the corner. Climb up it quickly and duck into the nearby Stalking Zone.

Ahead of you are 3 more Assassins. Here, it is better to knock them out then try to slip by them. Move up to the stationary one first. Wait for her patrolling friend to be far away then whistle at her. This will lure her in for an easy KO. Now wait for the patrolling assassin. When he is close, repeat the same thing. Now duck over to the next Stalking Zone. This Assassin has a short patrol which makes her easy to deal with. Take her out then look along the wall to the left. You will find the third of the 4 chests you are after.

Turn to the North and go into the next Stalking Zone. Once again you have an Assassin with a short patrol. The good news is she moves right through the Stalking Zone. That is also the bad news. Take her down while she is moving through.

When that assassin is down start paying attention to the 2 Assassins on the far side. When they are both facing away you can start moving toward them using the pillars and columns in front of you. Once again, climb up and duck immediately into the Stalking Zone. Now you best take out those guards by luring them into the Stalking Zone. When they are down, you just have a Gunner to worry about on the far side.

Wait for the gunner to face away then charge over there and knock her out. Duck into the nearby Stalking Zone after that. You are nearby done with this. Head over to the right and duck under the branch so you do not need to deal with the 3 assassins who would otherwise be in your path. Just dart through the Stalking Zone and you will see James ahead. Time to get the last requirement for full synchronization.

Run past James Kidd to the West. Climb on up the slope quickly and keep going West. In the Northwestern corner you will find a chest and a Mayan Stela. Open the chest to finish out the optional objectives, do the Stela if so inclined, then talk with Kidd to move things forward.