Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 65 – Sequence 10 “The Observatory” Part 3

Optional Objectives:
Incapacitate all Guardians while unarmed
Incapacitate 5 Guardians from Stalking Zones

Head to the West when you get back into the Jungle from the caves. Just head through the tree village to the far slope and go up it. As you reach the last boughs before the next search area, use Eagle Vision to find the first Guardian in the nearby Stalking Zone to the West. Knock him out with a Dart. Turn to the North now and look on the far side of the fallen tree. There is another Guardian (head over to the right-hand side of the tree if you cannot see him). Hit him with a dart then go over there and deal with him. Now head past the to the South past the Waterfall on this side. Jump through the trees to push on and reach the final search zone. You know you are there when you find some massive stone steps in front of you. Climb on up the steps to enter the Search Zone.

Climb up the steps and duck into the nearby Stalking Zone. Look to the left and tag the Guardian patrolling the area. There are 2 more but they are farther in. Wait for the Guardian to have their back to Edward then run over there. Go to the nearest corner and wait. When the Guardian gets close, whistle and knock him out. Now climb on up the building to reach the View Point to Synchronize with it. Do not perform a Leap of Faith here. Instead go to the South and look over the edge with Eagle Vision. There is a Guardian hidden in the Stalking Zone. Take him out with an Aerial Knock out. After that, just deal with his companion as needed. Namely either knock him out with a Dart or from a Stalking Zone as the situation demands to meet the Optional Objectives. Roberts will emerge when the final Guardian is knocked out.

Follow Roberts to the Observatory door. He will open the door then shoot down everyone save Edward. He explains it as saving them from what lies ahead. After that he will tell Edward to grab the crate and bring it in. Grab the crate and follow him inwards. Just go forward and watch what he does. He shows how everything works, in a fashion. You see a few things before things take a turn.

After the cinematic and everything that has happened Edward needs to get out of here. Swim to the South and climb up onto the nearby ledge. Clamber up the ledge From there it should be a simple matter of just climbing the other ledges and going to the left to reach the main platform you were on with Roberts. He will close the door just as Edward makes it to the top. Now there is a need to find a new way out.

Head to the South and Climb up the center pillar against the wall. Keep going up to reach the ledge. Turn to the right and climb the wall. Shimmy outwards and climb up. When prompted, Back Eject onto the opposite wall. Keep shimmying after that to the left to reach the next platform. Continue over to the ledge. Look across from it to spy your passage out. Run toward it to make the leap and then climb on upwards. Just head South after that. From there just head toward the beach. The rest of the events are story driven so enjoy them. Time for a break into the Present Day.