Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 30 – Sequence 5: “Unmanned” Part 2

Optional Objectives:
Use 2 Berserk Darts on Brutes
Use 2 Sleep Darts on Gunners

While the Guards talk you need to slip through the gates and into either Stalking Zone on the sides. Look for the Brute who is patrolling in the area. Hit him with a Berserk Dart to start some havoc. If you can do it in Front of the archway below the stairs, all the better. Just use some Berserk Darts (crafting more as needed) to deal with the Soldiers and Officers who appear. When the fighting stops head on through the archway underneath the stairs. Once through it, go to the right then duck into the Stalking Zone just past the archways. Climb on up the house to the rooftop. There are 2 Gunners up there. Start with the one closest to you. Take up a corner position on one chimney then hit him with a Sleep Dart. Move in and knock him out. Now head on over to the other side and deal with the second Gunner. Now it is time to find Prins and deal with him.

Head over to the edge of the house and look down into the Gazebo. You can see, but not mark, you target. Dive on down into the hay cart. Take a moment to eliminate the scout who patrols nearby. Slip the North and duck into the Stalking Zone nearby the Gazebo. Now it should be little trouble to mark your target. Slip up into the Gazebo when he has his back turned. Use that time to take down your target.

Now you just need to escape because Roberts saw fit to trigger the alarm. Sprint for the cart that Edward looked at the end of the cinematic. From there try to set into the next free-running course you can. Enter the gate way head on but go to the right immediately after. More than anything, just keep running until you are out of the Restricted Area. At that point you just need to become anonymous. Use some Smoke Bombs to break away from your pursuers (or just slay them all). Take cover in some hay or a Stalking Zone and wait for the Soldiers to give up.

Now Edward just needs to find James Kidd. Head to the marker to see the closing cinematic of the mission.

Before starting the next next part, be sure to upgrade the Jackdaw some. You will also want to have 5,000 Reales for the start of the next memory in the following sequence.