Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 46 – Templar Hunt: Opia Apito “The Taino Assassin” & “Templar Ships”

The Taino Assassin
This set of Templar Hunt missions can be found in Cayman Sound. This is found in the Southern part of the Caribbean. Head to the marker that sits on the beach to find her and begin this mission. This assassin challenges you to a hunting contest.

With the start, do not follow her. She will always get the first kill. Instead head to the Northwest to get to the beach. Use Eagle Vision to find the Hautia you can. Take it down with a pistol snap shot and skin it. From there head to the South. Get into the search zone that has appeared. Once again, use Eagle Vision to find the hutia to kill and skin it. You will need to do this a few times.

As this mission comes to an end, Edward is attacked by a White Jaguar. To survive this attack you need to hit the onscreen prompts. You must get the first prompt else the Jaguar will start to maul Edward. Succeed with the first and the second and you will kill it. This will get Opia onto your side and set the stage for the next mission. Be sure to go and skin the White Jaguar. She will tell you to head to the Grand Cayman to begin the next mission.

Templar Ships
Head the short distant from the Cayman Sound to the Grand Cayman. On the dock you will find Opia waiting. Approach and talk with her to begin the mission. You now need to find Alvin and eavesdrop on the fellow.

Go up the stairs and blend into the nearby group of talking people on the Eastern side of the search area. There are 3 people talking and one of them is Alvin. Now just move from blending group to blending group. This will keep you out of sight and make things easier.

When the eavesdropping is done, then you need to steal the ledger from Alvin. Move in with a fast walk and pickpocket him. It does not take too long. After that just step away and the mission will end.