Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 41 – Templar Hunt: Vance Travers “Oh Brother ...”

This Templar Hunt begins in Nassau. Head to the marker in the Southeastern part of it. Talk with the man at the marker to begin it. The two strike a bargain quickly. Hear to the marker location to begin your search.

Once you are in the search area head in it and just a little to the to the Northwest. It does not take long to find them. If you want an easy time of this mission, go and hire the nearby Dancers. Otherwise, you will be doing a lot more work.

If you do not have the Dancers, take cover in the stalls and use the numerous blend opportunities there. This will keep the men off your scent. As they leave the initial area dart through the few standing around over to the Drunken Pirates. They make for a fine blending spot. Just go down the hill after the others when they start moving again. You have 2 more blend locations: a conversation and a bench. Get on the bench after a quick stop at the conversation to ensure you do not alert your targets. Just wait for the eavesdrop to end at that point.

When the men arrive at their destination you will be prompted to find Upton. Dismiss the Dancers if they are still with you. Climb up the building just to the South of the search area and look dead across. There should be a man standing in front of a building on the far side. This is your target. You have a number of options to take him out: Berserk Dart, Pistol or Aerial Assassination. The choice is yours. This will trigger the ending cutscene. Things just got more complicated. The brothers are vying against each other. It really is a question of who you will end up trusting.