Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 24 – Sequence 4: “The Sage's Buried Secret”

Follow James Kidd into the Temple that he was opening before the Mentor showed up and nearly ran him through. Just follow James until you come to a bridge that breaks as he crosses it. At this point you will need to deal with finding another way there.

Head over to the left and climb up the wall. There you will find some handholds so you can go up and to the right. Get to the outcropping and then make a jump over to the Red figurehead. Jump on it to lower it down to the ground and open the way forward. Head on through the door and then keep on James again. When he tells you to jump, head to the pit in front of you and dive on down it.

When you land in the water you will need to dive down. Follow the prompts on screen to quickly do so and keep after him. Swim down and follow James to quickly get over to the next section of cave. Surface then follow him as he goes down again to the next section of cave.

In this section go over to the left and then start climbing upwards with Kidd. He will lead you to a landing above the cave floor. Go with him up the stairs to the entrance of the Temple. Now you have a big puzzle to solve. Kidd only gives help in the form of riddles here. Not the greatest thing.

To solve this riddle you quite a bit to do. Head over to the left and climb up onto the blue effigy there. Go over to the left and climb onto the counter-weight to the left of it. This will raise the blue effigy you climbed up. Now head to the capstan in the middle of the puzzle and turn it once counter-clockwise. This will align the blue slot with the now raise effigy. When that is in position, let go of the capstan then climb up onto the blue effigy and lower back to the ground.

Head to the capstan again and rotate it counter-clockwise once again. Bring the green section over to where the blue one was. Once again, climb onto the red effigy on the green section and use the mayan head to lift it. Now use the capstan rotate the red section underneath the red effigy. Once again, climb onto the red effigy and lower it down into the slot.

Time to place the final effigy. Rotate the platform so the green section is below the green effigy. Once that is done have Edward climb up onto it. This will lower it into position. With that the way forward will be unlocked the next mission will begin immediately.