Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 4 – Sequence 2: Lively Havana

Full Synchronization:
Tackle the Pickpocket
Use Smoke Bombs to escape combat

Edward wants to grab a quick nap before doing much else. Stede Bonnet says that he knows the way -over to the Public House where he can do just that. Follow him until the pair of you arrive at the Weapons vendor. Edward will get Stede to give him some money for the swords. Just head over to the vendor and interact with him. Go into the Sword Sets menu and buy whatever you can afford. Stede will get himself a dagger.

Bonnet will find himself lose. Look to the church in front of him and climb on up it. Go on up the face and then make your way back toward the large tower. Climb on up that to the perch. This will let you reach the Synch point for this area. Synchronize with it to find the Tavern that Bonnet is looking for. The next problem is that Bonnet gets robbed. Quickly Leap down and then take off after the pickpocket.

If you want to get full Synchronization for this memory, you need to tackle the pickpocket. The easiest way to pull this off is to Leap off the church, turn to the left and run on up the stairs. This will put you in a better position to tackle the pickpocket. To do that, hit either (Circle or B) to launch Kenway at him. The thief will then try to fight Edward. Kill him and then loot his body. With that done, head on back to your “friend”. Follow him on the short way on over  Once inside the tavern, another cutscene runs.

After the cutscene Edward is somewhat revealed for the pirate he is. You get a combat tutorial. This lets you know about fighting, counter-grabbing, counter-kills and counter-kills. Get on through the number of people who come on after Edward.

When that fight is done, another has the potential to start. You will find Soldiers who got wind of the fight and want to come after the ones responsible. This means it is time to get away. You are now given a quick breakdown of how to use Smoke Bombs. If you want to end this fight quickly and get Full Synchronization for this mission, you need to use Smoke Bombs here to escape the Soldiers who are about to attack you. Throw the bomb and immediately escape from the combat.

Once you are out of the tavern area, there are a few ways to break the pursuit on you. First, you need to break light of sight with the soldiers. You can either head up onto the rooftops or just run away. Once you have broken light of sight with the soldiers you need to hide to become anonymous. The easiest, and quickest, way is to find some bushes, haystacks or something else to find in. One option that may present itself quickly is to blend in with a group of people. This will quickly let you shake off pursuit and bring the first memory of the sequence to an end.

You are now free to roam Havana. The guards are on alert for you so keep leery of them for a while. This is a good time to find some Synchronization Points and expand your map of the area. Do some collecting and enjoy Havana. When you are ready, head back to the Dock to meet Bonnet again and start the next memory. Be sure you have at least 150 R before starting this mission.