Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 68 – Sequence 11 “To Suffer Without Dying” Part 2

Optional Objectives:
Visit 2 old friends

On the rooftop you have a number of Soldiers to evade. Go over to the right and take a corner position. Wait for the patrolling guard to move away. After that duck into the Stalking Zone that is ahead on the right. If you want to thin the guards then start with the one patrolling this lowered walkway to your left. There is a good chance it will draw the attention on the one you had to evade first. Be sure you are out of the walkway so you can easily assassinate him as he runs to ring the bell. This makes things easier in the future as well. Get to the far end of the wall after that and look to spot the group of 3 Soldiers in this area.

This part is easier. Wait for the patrolling guard to move away then move in on the pair. Perform a Double assassination and then duck back into the Stalking Zone. Wait for the patrolling Guard to move in some and then kill him as well. Now head toward the inner edge of the fortress. Ignore the trio of guards to the Northeast. Just climb up the wall and onto the building. Head over some and then drop down carefully when no one is looking. From there it is a quick run to the marker so you can make it inside the prison.

Now that you are inside the prison, you are almost done. Head down the corridor until you reach a right-hand turn in it. Wait there and lure in the nearby guard for a corner assassination. Head around the corner and into the big room. You have 3 more guards to deal with. There is no penalty for combat and it makes things a lot easier to confront them all. After that be sure to visit the cell just to the right from the entrance of the room. You will find the second friend there. Now head down the corridor on this side after the patrolling Soldier has moved around corner. Head to the corner and wait for the Soldier. Corner assassinate him and then mark the second soldier farther down the way. Whenever you want, just charge him and take him down. Follow the corridor after that and go around the next corner. You will hear Anne calling out for someone to help Mary. Double assassinate the Brutes at the entrance. Now deal with the 2 guards.  Ah Tabai shows up to help with the escape. Open the gate after that.

Head out the nearby corridor and make your way on out. Just get to the door and the next part begins. Make it to the boat and the memory ends.