Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 56 – Sequence 9 “Imagine My Surprise”

Optional Objectives:
Sabotage 2 Alarm Bells
Kill 4 Brutes

Head into Kingston to start this memory. Approach Adewale to begin it properly. He is found near the center of Kingston. Make your way there. After the introduction, head for the Restricted Area. Edward will want to enter it in the Southwestern corner. Duck inside through the break in the wall. There are a few Soldiers and a Brute patrolling just to the North of you. Carefully take out the trio to easily access and sabotage the alarm bell. If you are spotted then move to the bell itself and defend it to stop anyone from ringing it. Stealth is mandate and it is a lot easier to get through the quieter this whole approach is.

Move toward the Southeastern corner of the area now. Pause in the Stalking Zone by the central path. There is likely a patrol passing through. Let them go by then duck over to the building on the opposite side. Go around and inside it. Take up a corner position and deal with the patrols of Soldiers in the area. Once again, if spotted, defend the alarm bell to stop it from being rung. Kill off the patrols without using Eagle Vision (as the targets are closeby) and disable the alarm. Use the Stalking Zone and hay stack South of the building to keep it simple. Work your way over to the alarm bell. When you have either killed or disabled most of the guards and the remaining are looking away, then you can disable the alarm.

Head over to the North now. You still need to take out a few more Brutes and you will find them in this neck of the woods. There are 2 found along the path. Take them out from the nearby stalking zones. Be sure to hit the Gunner on the rooftop with a Sleep Dart to make your life a lot easier. When you are ready go to the central North part of the Restricted Zone. There you will find Hornigold and Rogers. Mark them with Eagle Vision to trigger the next part of the memory.

Hornigold and Rogers will start to the West but quickly turn South. Head along the Eastern side. Get up onto the rooftops when you can to keep your targets in range and in sight. When they pause, hide on the far side of the rooftop.

As they exit the plantation, Go south of it and hire some Dancers. They will serve as a handy mobile blend spot as the pair talk. After that you just need to follow them until they get to the next area. While in the streets they are very quiet. They will eventually become a mobile Restricted Zone. If you still have the Dancers, keep them with you as the Blend is invaluable. Otherwise, you will be making good usage of the various Stalking Zones and rooftops to keep out of sight.

When you make it to the next portion, you will want to shake off the Dancers as you will be in a bad position for them to follow. Go to the Northeastern corner of the fenced and Restricted Area. Wait for the men you are listening to to turn toward the barn. Climb the fence and take down the guard on the far side. Climb up into the barn after that. Either hit the Gunner on the far side with a Sleep Dart then knock him out or perform a Running Assassination on him. Head from there onto the tree, then the fence and into the hay cart. Go to the Southwest after that. Keep just outside the barn and climb up into the loft of it from the outside using the pole sticking out. Hornigold will recognize the Jackdaw and send a number of Soldiers, Officers and other foes at you. Now you just need to escape the area. You can fight on through but it is not recommended. Be sure that for what fighting you do, you use Smoke Bombs to level the field.