Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 58 – Sequence 9 “Trust Is Earned” Part 2

Optional Objectives:
Free 2 groups of pirates
Double assassinate Cockram and Burgess

Inside the compound you have a lot of patrols to contend with. Head through the trees until you can get down into a Stalking Zone nearby the first marked group of pirates. IN this Stalking Zone, wait for the patrol to move from East to West. Once they have started, go and deal with the Scout however desired. Another option is to hit the Scout with a Dart and then assassinate the 2 Soldiers followed by the Scout. Either way, the path forward will be clear. If the patrol is not too far away, you can pull off a Double Air Assassination on them. Either way, head for the opening in the fence to the North. You have a group of pirates to free.

Duck into the Stalking Zone inside to the left. Use a Whistle to lure in the nearby Soldier. Take him out then move over to the East and take a moment to hide. There is a fairly observant Captain you need to deal with. Wait for him to lose interest then climb up to the rooftop with the Gunner. Perform a quick Assassination on the Gunner. If the Captain comes up, which is likely, kill him as he finishes climbing up. If he did not notice, look down and wait for him to out of sight from the rest of the group and perform an aerial assassination on him. With them dealt with Edward can work on freeing the pirates. Move in behind the Scout and kill him (from the Stalking Zone) then the Gunners. Free the pirates.

Climb back up the Tower that had the Gunner on it. Use it to cross past the tall fencing to the East. Head into the nearby Stalking Zone. Time to get to the second Group of Pirates. Wait for the 2 patrolling Soldiers to come close by. You can either lure them with Whistling or just sneak up behind and perform a double assassination. This thins out the patrolling forces nicely. Next go for the Stalking Zone to the East, past the tents, closer to the Pirates. Use Whistling to lure the 2 Soldiers in one at a time for some easy kills. After that, make sure the Captain from across the way is not watching, step out of the Stalking Zone and deal with the Stationary Soldier ahead to the East. Slip into the Stalking Zone after that. Now hug the cliff face to press on toward the next group of pirates. You will find a useful Stalking Zone nearby them. Take out the Gunners with Sleep Darts, do the same to the patrolling Soldier and then free the pirates. With the pirates free, there is 1 objective left: Kill Cockram and Burgess.

There is one additional thing to do. Head into the Stalking Zone just beyond the pirates. Go along this cliff as well to reach the Tower to the South. Climb up it carefully as there is a Gunner inside who can be alerted. This tower also offers the second View Point of the area so you can see the whole of it. From there you will want to study the area below as the 2 Templars only present a few opportunities for you to perform a double assassination on them.