Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Walkthrough Part 52 – Sequence 8 “Marooned”

Optional Objectives:
Skin 3 Animals
Air assassinate Vane

Start by heading for the View Point right ahead of you. You can easily climb up and synchronize with it. Doing so is highly recommended. This will reveal much of the map and make your life a lot easier. There are also a few chests and a bottled note to grab on the beach. When you are ready, head toward the interior to start after Vane. Go to the checkpoint to begin the next part of the memory. This will also trigger the Optional Objectives.

Run on up the path and up the stone steps. After you have climbed them, duck into the first Stalking Zone you can. Go a bit over to the right and activate Eagle Vision. You will see a Black Jaguar appear. Whistle to lure it in then kill it and skin it. Be cautious as if you miss the beast will run.

With the first Jaguar dead and skinned, head to the West along the path. This will lead to some Ruins. Go to the left-hand side of them and climb on up. You can take a moment to solve the Mayan Stela as well since it is on the way. Climb up to the top and head to where Vane was on the wooden outcropping. After that you need to dive back on down. Be sure to Synchronize with the View Point before you do so. Once back on the lower area, head after Vane.

Stay on the branches as you reach the lower pool. In that pool is a crocodile. Encountering that at a disadvantage is very dangerous for Kenway's health. Follow the branches forward then over to the right. From there go straight on forward. Vane will be shooting and lobbing grenades at you.

Dart over to the right between Vane's time aiming while he is using the gun. Make it over to the opening in the wall and go forward through that. Go to the corner of the tree through there and watch Vane a moment. When he is preparing, start toward him from that corner. Hide behind the wall after that Dart forward to the next wall. You are close to Vane but no where near the range needed to strike. Rush to the left now to get over to the next wall. Climb up the slope and head into the forest from there.

Look for the horizontal palm tree. This is your passage over to the next free running course. Cross it onto the platform and then out onto the next tree branch. Pause and use your Eagle Vision to find the next Black Jaguar. Wait for it to move into range. Air assassinate it when it does. Head North and climb up the ladder in front of you after that. Press on forward now until you find a crude wooden bridge.

Dash across it carefully as Vane has explosive barrels strapped to it in places which can knock you off it. Below you will find a Crocodile circling around. You do not want to tangle with the crocodile. On the far side of the bridge you will find the third black jaguar. Duck into the nearby Stalking Zone and wait for it to be in range to either whistle at it or just assassinate it and skin it. After that just head for the next marker as there is little else to worry about. When you make it there it is clear Vane will not stand for Edward any more. Time to move in and kill him.

Once again, you need to slip up to Vane. Just like before, dart forward and move along the walls to the right. Remember to move forward when he is throwing or aiming. Push to the right as this will get you into position to air assassinate him.

As you come to the edge of the structure Vane is on, be sure you are on the South of it. Slip along there quickly to the Southeastern corner. Climb on up and to the right. Make your way to the view point. Once there perform an air assassination on Vane. This will end the memory and the sequence while completing synchronization.