Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 66 – Present Day 4

Listen to the automatic message that Melanie has left for you. Apparently Olivier has gone missing and there the trouble with the hacker has proven to be very dire. The problem here is you are now contacted by John. He believes that you should erase the data they may have collected on you. Take some time to head to the corner of the room. There you will find a Sticky Note. This is Sticky # 1.

Follow the marker to get to the Server Room. First though, head across the way. You will find a computer that you can hack. Also in that room is another Sticky Note: Sticky #14, just to the North of the terminal. The terminal has has Data Sphere lock on it. The Solution is: Up, Left, Up, Left, Up, Left, Up, Left, Up or Down. This will give you “Great Minds in History, Commission 1: Robert de Sable”.

Head on out of this residential portion to the West. Go straight across through the crisscrossing hallway. As you make the turn South toward the Server room keep an eye out for the next Sticky Note. This is Sticky # 18. Now head into the Security Room and hack the server. It is protected by a Prime Number Lock. The solution is: 7*3*5*7. Now just what what happens inside the Server Room. When Melanie and John leave the Server Room, that is your cue to head over to it.

Go back to the 4-way hallway and go to the North. Follow that path over to the West and head into the massive server room. You need to hack through a Prime Number Lock. The Solution is 7*3*7*7. After that  you have a Data Stream you need to cross. Pay attention to each of the 2 sections before crossing them. This unlocks “Age of Cuttthroats” short. Stuff happens that has ties to what has come before.

Being stuck in the Basement, anymore hacking will have to wait. For now head to the Animus Station and log back in to get more footage.