Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Walkthrough Part 50 – Sequence 8 “Do Not Go Gently”

Optional Objectives:
Kill 4 Guards
Use heavy shot to incapacitate the Man O' War

Head on out to the marker. You will be prompted to upgrade the Jackdaw before starting the mission. You want to have good armor, cannons, swivel, cannon strength and a few others. The mission will start to the North of the Carribean. As Edward and Thatch talk, a strange fellow makes some odd moves that catch Edward's eye. He asks for a few saved bottles and then you are off on a tailing.

Head over to the nearby bench and blend in for a minute. Wait for the marked fellow to go around the corner and pause for a minute to look. When he finishes his check then Edward should get up and start following him again. Head for the camp fire and blend with the revelers.

Follow the Stranger over to the right and through into the next area. Head over into the nearby Stalking Zone and approach the men to begin it. If you draw some attention, this is a good thing. The guard will come looking for you. Once the eavesdrop begins, you will get the optional objective of killing 4 guards. Kill him once the objective is active to get the first one easy.

Duck out the Stalking Zone and head over to the crates. Take up a corner position there and listen to the conversation for a moment. When they start moving, dart over to the right and climb the wall. Move by the guard and kill him. Wait in that position for the Stranger and the Officer to start moving again. When they do pull yourself up and go through the left-hand door. Hit the Stalking Zone, wait for them to pass by, then assassinate the guard who is on the right-hand side of it. Now dash across while their backs are turned. Get into the next Stalking Zone and catch up with the Eavesdropping. The two will talk for a moment, it seems, with a guard. Wait for them to move away then kill off that guard. Things are winding down some. Dart over to the left again and clamber up to the balcony above the targets. Once there just wait for events to unfold. Once that signal is launched, chaos erupts on the beach.

Edward breaks out of hiding. Time for action, not stealth. You must charge your way back to the Jackdaw to avoid losing her. You have 1 minute. Head straight forward through the gap in the railing. Once you land, leap over to the winch. After that it is a relatively straight forward run to the Jackdaw.

When it comes to the maritime battle, things can get interesting if you are after the optional objective. You need to incapacitate the Man O' War with Heavy Shot. Start off strong by firing a Mortar volley as soon as possible. Follow that up with some Chain Shot to slow the Man O' War down some. After that, use Swivel, Broadsides and Heavy Shot. This will make it a lot easier to deal with. Remember to keep on the move. Slow only when you need to get in a sharp turn. When the ship only has a few health bars left is when you want to start relying on Heavy Shot. If the masts have cracked, then go for a glancing blow with it, aim so about half of the shot goes wide. Now it is time to board the ship.

You have numerous objectives to deal with here. Use the swivel carefully and you should have little trouble taking out the Powder Reserves or crew at a distance. Prioritize the reserves as they will take out many crew. If you do not do this before getting on board, you are very likely to close crew to this fight because of the explosions. After the reserves are blown then you are want to go aloft. Head to the center mast and launch up. Kill the Scouts with pistol shot then head back to deck and finish the objectives. This will trigger the end of the memory.