Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 1 – Sequence 1: Edward Kenway

Turn toward the stern of the ship. Running immediately for the wheel that is marked ahead of you. The helmsman is dead and Kenway is called over to take control. Get on over there. Hit the prompted button to take control of the ship. You are given a quick breakdown of cannon controls and that you want to aim for the hull of the ship to inflict maximum damage.

You need to take down at least 3 of the 5 pirate ships that are after you. The controls are very different from what they were in Assassin's Creed 3. Use the various guns: port, starboard and bow to fire at those in front of you. You can also look behind you and loose fire barrels. If a ship is close, hit the button above the barrel to quickly fire the swivel cannons at it. The battle will end with a cutscene. When that runs, just watch what happens. After that you will find something new is going on.

Edward Kenway starts off in the water. Go toward the marker in front of you, swimming through the remains of the ship. Use the prompted button to make it there  He has a run in with someone who needs to get to Havana. Time to follow this fellow.

Go on up the slope ahead of you. Head over to the right and follow the path up. Cross the plank bridge and climb on up the makeshift ladder in front of you. At the top of the ladder go on up the next few. You will find a tower before too long. Climb to the top of the tower and Synchronize with the area to reveal the local portion of the map. Start on forward from there. If you drop down to the area just below the tower, you will find 2 chests that you can loot.

After the chests turn to the North and climb on up the planking in the cliffside. At the top you will see the Assassin run ahead and jump off the building ahead and to the right of you. Climb on up to the building, jump over to the right, but then climb up the side of the platform. You will find another Synchronization point here. Synch and then Leap of Faith off it.

When you make it there, you will find the assassin has decided to attack you. Chase him down. You do not need to hunt him and assassinate him, just catch up. Once you do, you need to fight him. Do not worry about targeting in this case. Wait for him to move to attack you then counter him as prompted. After that just attack him and the fight is over. Edward will take the Assassin's outfit from the dead man. Now you have a new objective: make your way to Havana.

Head to the Southeast and out onto the branch there. Synchronize with the point then dive into the pond below. You are now in a restricted area. If you encounter anyone hostile, they will attack you on sight.

Once in the pond, climb out of it using the branch. Head over to the next branch and listen to what is going on. Some of the King's Men are commandeering a ship and the merchant is not too happy about it. Make a leap of faith down into the palm tree leaves below.

Once in the leaves, you can try to be stealthy, but it is not quite an option yet. Take cover in the nearby stalking zone. Likely you will have drawn some attention moving in. When the Gunner is close, attack him. Use this time to get a little more familiar with the fighting controls. Remember that you can easily engage the rest of the enemies without much trouble. When the first ones are down, head over to the merchant. There may be another soldier who comes after you at this point, so be ready

The merchant will thank you. Edward introduces himself as Duncan, taking the dead man's name and tells him that he is also heading to Havana on an errand for the King. The merchant explains that they will need to swim out to the ship. Start toward the beach.

As you make your way over to the beach you can find a skeleton just to the right. Go over to it and interact with it. This will let you get your first treasure map. After the tutorial on them, it will show the path to its treasure.

If you want to get the treasure, turn around to the North. Climb on up the tree you find there. Head over to the waterfall just behind the pond you dove into earlier. Climb on up and head through the waterfall. There you will find the treasure chest. With the contents in tow, head on back to the beach and swim out to the ship. Look for the dip in the railing to find the way up onto the deck. From there just go over to the helm and take the wheel.

You are sailing a ship again. Go for full sail and make your way toward the sandbar ahead of you. Make it out to the sea and the sequence will be completed.